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Elite Riders Championship - 25/09/2014

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Enjoyed the tractor racing but those motor bikes they have during the intervals will never catch on.

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I nearly didn't go with the £25 price tag, but not too many more matches now so decided to bite the bullet. Glad I did as there were certainly some top class races with most of the riders putting in the effort as they obviously wanted to win. Other than the earlier drop outs, I was pleasantly surprised that no one else pulled out at the last minute. Had a sneaking suspicion Batch might win, but the way Zagar started off (even with his exclusion) thought he was gonna win easily, but missed the gate in the final and that was that.


Think Rory feared for his life when attempting to pass Milik who was rather wild, in the end not getting past and that may have made the difference between a semi-final spot.


Hoping Danny King rides on Monday more like he did last night rather than how he rode in WTC.

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As I said before, I've yet to see a poor ELRC. All the riders want to win and the racing can be cut-throat at times. Long may it continue!

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