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Front Wheel Innertube Changing

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help! ive ruined a brand new tube and dont want to ruin another.

whats the best (and safest) method to get the innertube and tyre off the front wheel

and then back on again!??

You are not the 1st to suffer this damage so don't panic. Plenty of Swarfega or something similar round both beads and make sure you get the bead round down into the well. Work from the opposite side to the valve. If the tyre has been on a long time it may have hardened with age making it more difficult. Don't fall into the trap and using massive tyre levers since these are not necessary.

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I always put the tube in the tyre first as I find it much easier to get the valve through the wheel. Put the tyre in the sun for a couple of hours and as great central says use plenty of lubricant (windowlene is good if you have no tyre soap). Then just take your time and take tiny little bites with the lever.


If that doesn't work just take it into the pits and say "This tyre is so tight I don't think anybody could manage it" There'll be a queue to prove you wrong!

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