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🌟🌟scunthorpe Speedway Track Activity 2015🌟🌟 - Practice, Amateur Meetings, Bike Hire, Mini Track & Main Track Etc.

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All Scunthorpe track activity will be put on this one thread per year (please separate thread for 2014 track activity). It prevents us from having to maintain lots of different threads and it also gives people one place to look for all track activity. I will put a few descriptive notes at the bottom of this thread about each type of activity

Where it states "book via Richard" or you want more information (including weather and track updates) please contact me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/rh1967 - there is also an excellent Scunthorpe Amateur Group on there), email (richard@scunthorpespeedway.com) or via text or call 07832-402167. If you call and I'm unavailable (this is done in my spare time) please leave a message with your number (if my phone hasn't got reception then the missed call number doesn't display) or, even better, send a text.
Last updated: 28th DECEMBER 2015
Dates now switched to 2016 thread

Wayne Carter Minitrack sessions are run on our 92m track. It is the perfect entry level for riders who are learning to slide a bike and a great 'experience day' for fans who are just looking for a one-off day to see how it is to ride a speedway bike. It is also a great place for the slightly more experienced riders to really get used to turning a bike although the track isn't really suitable for 500cc bikes. The club have a range of 125cc and 150cc bikes that can be used, along with all the safety equipment (including steel shoes now) for £70. Wayne is a fantastic tutor and there are a long line of riders coming through the ranks who have started out being taught by Wayne. Any rider with their own bike can also ride for £25.

Wayne Carter Main Track Training Schools came about because so many of the people who had been taught by Wayne on the minitrack wanted further one-on-one tuition on the main track. However, the sessions are suitable for all abilities. If a rider just wants to practice then they can ensure plenty of track time because sessions are limited to just 16 riders. The 2015 format now sees sessions run from 11am to 4pm but if anyone wants some tuition on bike maintenance or bike set-up they can have an additional two hours from 9am to 11am for £20. The five hour on-track session costs just £50. It will have a break in the middle of the session with free drinks and snacks provided. There is also an opportunity for up to two riders to hire Wayne's bikes for an additional £100 for the full day. Ideally Wayne likes to have seen those wanting to use his 500s on the minitrack to ensure they are safe enough. To book a place please send Richard Hollingsworth a text on 07832-402167 or contact him via Facebook. Simply adding your name as an attendee to the Facebook event is not enough.

AMSA Andy Meredith Speedway Academy regularly hire both tracks and bookings/more details are available by contacting Andy on 07816-874781. Whilst all session are suitable for ladies Andy does also run 'ladies only' days.

Amateur Meetings have been hugely successful and more and more classes are being added all the time. We have reached the stage where the winter rounds are split over two weekends. All meetings start at 11am (signing on 9.30-10.30am) but many of the meetings are split into two halves with the a later signing-on and start time for the second half. There are now ten classes being run with four adult speedway classes (Open, Support and Novice Classes plus a separate Upright class for those with upright engines who don't want to ride in the other adult classes. Novice Class riders vary from those who aren't sliding much at all to those who, given decent conditions, have a full slide on around the bends. Typically once a rider is winning races under 70 seconds they move up to the Support Class and then when a rider is confident enough or they are breaking something like 63 seconds they move up to the Open Class where there is a wide range of National League plus occasional Premier League standard riders mixing it with the best second halfers.

There are four youth classes with three youth speedway classes (Youth 500, Youth 250 and Youth 125/150 plus a Junior 110cc class for youth riders with pit bikes, moto X bikes etc. up to a maximum of 110cc )

In addition there are also Flat Track and Adult Pit Bike classes to take the current class count to ten.

Costs are the same as a practice (£40, but just £30 if the rider is under 15 years old and for riders in the Flat Track and Adult Pit Bike classes where up to 12 riders per race can compete) and typically we have Anji's food van selling food and drink close to the pits. Trophies are always presented to the top three in each class and regulars can also compete for the Summer Championship and Winter Series titles (subject to riders completing more than half of the completed rounds).

WISS Skids Main Track Private Practices
Ivan Howarth runs private practices throughout the year. He has paramedic first aid cover and he can be contacted through Facebook or via 07909-086969.

Mini Track Open Practices
The minitrack is often available for riders with their own bikes and equipment when we run on the main track. However, it is sometimes booked out and sometimes the track team have to focus their efforts on getting the main track ready. With that in mind it is definitely always best to contact me to make sure the track is available for use.

Track hire
Both tracks are available for hire at reasonable rates so please contact me if you are interested. Whilst we do have 24/7 planning permission we do have to fit track hire around the the track team's availability (they also work at Sheffield). The cost of hiring the main track starts at £300 (plus £100 deposit in case of air fence damage)

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With six days still to go we already have 32 riders for Sunday's amateur meeting. I will take bookings until 6pm Saturday.

Novice Adam Richardson
Novice Damon Hall
Novice Danny Wright
Novice Jake Isherwood
Novice Jeff Robinson
Novice John Gaskell
Novice Kyle Roberts
Novice Lee Baldwin
Novice Lee Coates
Novice Luke McKenna
Open Alex Wilson
Open Danny Phillips
Open Danyon Hume
Open Krystian Bialecki
Open Luke Chessell
Open Luke Harris
Open Mark Richardson
Open Nathan Greaves
Open Rob Shuttleworth
Open Robert Parker
Open Sam Woods
Support Bradley Seal
Support Chris Bambury
Support Connor Fletcher
Support David Morgan
Support George Rothery
Support Jamie Halder
Support Lewis Griggs
Support Luke Whitehead
Support Matthew Sewell
Upright Glen Belcher
Upright Shaun Bickley

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MEETING & MINI TRACK SESSION OFF After a track inspection this evening and a review of the weather forecast for tomorrow we have reluctantly had to call off Sunday's meeting and the minitrack session due for the same day. Despite 90% of the track being in great shape the inside on the entry to turn one is too soft and there is a stretch of track that is still under ice in front of the grandstand. Sadly it is felt the weather won't allow us to get the track fit this weekend. I'm afraid it means the next amateur meeting for the adult speedway classes will be on Sunday 1st March. Before then there are two open practices (Sunday 8th and Sunday 15th) plus an amateur meeting for the youth classes, pit bikes and flat track on Sunday 22nd February. http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/Scunthorpe

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OPEN PRACTICE & MINI TRACK SESSION OFF – Unfortunately we have had to cancel tomorrow’s track activities. We have given it our best shot but there was too much frost came out of the track today and too little wind to dry it.

However, with a great weather forecast for the week ahead the prospects of next Sunday’s practice (15th February, 12-4pm) taking place are exceptionally high.

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Track in great shape after today's practice so with the threat of hard frosts hopefully gone it's full steam ahead with the track activities. Amateur meetings on the next two Sundays. Youth classes, flat track and pit bike classes on Sunday 22nd Feb and then on 1st March we have all four adult speedway classes (open, support, novice and upright engines). Text me on 07832-402167 to reserve places. See the first posting on this thread to see all the other practices and training schools that are taking place at Scunny.

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A great meeting today for the youth, pit bike and flat track classes. We'll do it all over again next Sunday (1st March) for the four adult speedway classes (open, Support, Novice and Upright engine). Cost is £40 and day permits are free. Just text me on 07832-402167 to book a place before 6pm on Saturday.

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After a fantastic amateur meeting which was completed in about 3 hours 10 minutes today (see club website later tonight for a report) we have an open practice next Sunday (8th March). Before that, on Saturday, we have the Andy Meredith Speedway Academy.

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Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway Meeting 01/03/2015


Slick or what ?????


The call went out on 28/02/15, is anyone willing to wave a red flag at Scunthorpe, Sunday March 1st. ”Please Mr I will,” says I via facebook. ‘Wrap up warm a cold wind is blowing around these parts,” said Richard in reply, ‘We don’t want you to get your nether regions frozen or get blown through the air like Mary Poppins or Nanny Mcphee”


A cold wind was blowing, it nearly blew me across the motorway at one point. The things we do for speedway eh!!!! Richard was also expecting rain, so he decided the meeting would begin at 11 am and finish by 3pm before the downpour began. Richard also wrote on facebook, ‘you probably haven't received your SCB 2015 license yet so you will need to fill in a day permit. Rules are rules I'm afraid.’ Well I didn’t know you had to be licensed to wave a red flag these days. But has paranoia rules the roost in speedway these days, I thought I’d best get there early and fill in the form. Otherwise I might have to undergo a FIM investigation and not be able to wave a red flag for mmmm at least 10 months, unjust or what eh, according of course, to your predilection!!!


But when I arrived, all the red flag places had been taken, redundant or what eh??? So much for the SCB 2015 license!!! ‘Never mind Mr C”, said Richard, “someone will need a break at some point and then you will receive your flag of convenience”.


Racing commenced 11 am, with four classes of riders, competing in 62 races. Looking through the listed riders on the racing sheet I noticed Greg Hancock was riding in the novices races. I thought Richard had done very well slipping Greg into the meeting without anyone noticing. I wondered if he needed a SCB 2015 license!!! While I was waiting my for my ‘flag of convenience’, in the pits area, I fell into conversation with a gentleman who said to me “ I notice Greg Hancock’s riding today”, I said it looks like it and probably Jason Crump and Nikki Pedersen will be there too, incognito. But it wasn’t Greg of course, it was Craig Hancock. “He will want to win a race, with a name like that”, said the gentleman. No doubt he would, thought I and I am sure he did.


The racing began and the organisation was a sight to behold, the way riders lined up at the pit gate, ready to go out onto the track, while the previous race was still in motion. When the riders had taken the checkered flag, they rode round the back straight, were stopped at the pit gate, to let the next group of racers on the track. When those racers came on the previous group rode off into the pits. This was how it went from race one through to race sixty two, without pause, from start to finish. Slick or what eh!!!


After hanging about for an hour or so, I was suffering red flag withdrawal symptoms and thought it about time I made my mark in speedway. Fortunately a red flag waver had to leave at that time so I ended up on the first bend with a worn out torn red flag that kept entangling itself round the end of the stick. But it is so much better to watch the racing from the centre green. You can see the racing close up and admire the technique, or lack of it, used by the riders in question.


It’s interesting to see riders leave the tapes and power into the first bend. At that point they are all pursuing the line they want to take, meaning they come close together as they make the turn into the bend. Stood on the centre green you see this action close up. It’s impressive to see that even though they are travelling at high speed, how the riders are obviously aware of where they are on the track and where, those around them are also. You can also gauge the competence of a rider by observing this action and decide who is likely to come unstuck at some point during a race.


Riders can misjudge the situation run wide or clip another rider as they try to find their position on the track. What is impressive is that for the most part the riders come out of the first bend in good order and proceed with the race, where you might expect them to collide and fall off far more than they do. This applies as much to the riders with experience and skill as it does to those with finding their feet in the sport. You have to be able to ‘mix it’ with the other riders if you want to make any headway in the sport. You also have to have confidence in the riders around you no matter what level you are riding at. I like to observe a riders technique throughout a race and it’s always better to see them ride close up on the centre green.


The forty odd qualifying races proceeded, there were a number of riders coming off their bikes with one particular nasty looking fall involving two riders who had just passed through the first bend. Neither rider collided with each other, but the first ran into the fence, while the other fell behind him and a third rider also fell caught between deciding to lay his bike down or not. Fortunately all three got up, dusted themselves off and got on with it as speedway riders invariably do.


After all qualifying races were over, which I didn’t realise at the time as the races went by so fast all the staff on the centre green suddenly disappeared. I thought, ‘is the meeting over already and I just don’t know it? Fancy leaving Mr. C all alone on his Jack Palance’!!!! Mentioning the name of the actor Jack Palance recalls an amusing anecdote from my attendance at the 1975 world final at Wembley. I was there with a group of friends, one of whom called Steve often used the phrase ‘on my Jack Palance’, when he was left on his own.


Suddenly for reasons known only to himself, while we were sat in the stadium waiting for the meeting to begin, he suddenly announced loudly that Jack Palance was riding today. The rest of us chimed in saying ‘what you mean Jack Palance is actually riding”? “Yes,” said he “and a good job too, don’t you think” Suffice to say, we made a big and loud deal about this sudden unannounced additional rider in the meeting. People around us asked, “Who did you say was riding”? “Jack Palance”, said Steve, “top class American speedway rider of exceptional ability”.


“Who’s he riding in place of”, they asked as this bit of ‘latest news’ gathered momentum around us? “Victor Trofimov”, said a very sharp Steve after a quick glance at the program. “Why, what’s wrong with him,” folk asked? “He couldn’t make it,” said the very quick Steve, “so they drafted Jack Palance in to take his place”. “Can they do that,” folk asked, something that would fill 300 pages on the BSF these days. “Well they must be able to do that,” said Steve feigning surprise at such a question, “otherwise he wouldn’t be riding would he”??? “Suppose not”, said folk who respected the fact that those who run speedway always know what they are doing.


Steve strung this out for awhile till some bright spark suddenly said. “Jack Palance is an actor”!!!! “Doesn’t stop him riding in a speedway world final though,” said a laconic Steve, “if he wants to”. We finally told folk it was a joke just to pass the time with and being Halifax supporters we had to find something to laugh about!!!!


So I am there all alone on the centre green wondering how long the break would be. But the treat of the day arrived at that very moment. Two little lads came out for a ride around. As the very young riders often do, for safety reasons, one went round to the tapes and the other went to the opposite side of the track and both set off to ride. They rode round in this manner for a number of laps realised they still had time on the track and did the same again.


There came a point when it appeared they had had enough of riding in this manner and both of them came to the tapes side by side. It was obvious they’d decided to have a proper race instead of riding round as they had been. You could imagine the one saying to the other, “you be Emil Whereshefrom and I’ll be Darcey Laughitov the Siberian speedway sliders surfing round sunny Scunny on a blustery day.”


Off they went side by side full tilt doing their thing racing as proper riders do and they did it so well, without any trace of uncertainty in what they were doing and no one was watching. The one passed the other a very smooth over take. The one overtaken didn’t lose his control but went off in pursuit, he didn’t catch him but he wasn’t far behind. They enjoyed it so much they did it all again and it was a treat to watch. Then it was all action again, the pits gate opened and it was ‘come on you two you’ve had your five minutes, get off the track, it’s time for finals”!!!! But they were, for me, the highlight of the day.


The finals came and went, Richard will tell you who won what because the problem is on the centre green you can’t hear a word the announcer says. Craig Hancock was in there somewhere, or was it really Greg, but if he won or not I don’t know. Then all of a sudden if was all over. I looked at my watch and it was about 20 minutes past 2, impressive or what, slick too, just like the track with its three feet wide blue groove.


The reason it was impressive is the meeting started at 11 am finished at 2:20 pm, subtract 20 minutes for the break, therefore the meeting took 3 hours to complete, in other words it took 180 minutes to run divided that by 62 races. This means each race took 3 minutes to complete. Three minutes from riders coming through the pits gate onto the track to race, completing the race and heading off back into the pits. It went on like that from first race to last race without a pause except for the 20 minute break.


After the meeting I spoke with Richard and told him he deserved an MBE for what he did. Richard of course brushed it off as he always does stating that it is the staff and the riders working in tandem with each other that makes it happen as it does. But as I have said to him before you are the catalyst of it all. Richard would beg to differ but as he was about to do so a gentleman approached him and said, “another slick meeting Richard, well done”. Therefore I rest my case and leave it at that until the next time, I have to queue to wave a red flag!!!!!



Link for audio account


Edited by Mr. Clemens
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Taking bookings for the next amateur meetings on Saturday 2nd May. Cost is £40 but £30 for youth riders and for the pit bike and flat track riders where up to a dozen riders can race at the same time.


This meeting is split into two halves so everyone isn't hanging around all day and to try and give the best track possible to all ten classes.

The first half will see riders signing in between 9.30am and 10.30am and start racing at 11am. It will feature the Open, Support, Youth 500, Youth 250, Flat track and Junior 110 classes and will hopefully be complete somewhere between 3 and 4 hours.

The second half will commence after the first half finals and track maintenance but not before 2pm. It will see the Adult Pit Bike plus Novice, Upright and Youth 125/150 speedway classes.


The meeting costs £40 to enter but just £30 for the youth classes plus flat track and pit bike classes where we can have up to 12 or more in a race. For spectators it is free to watch but riders must book in with Richard Hollingsworth on here or by texting 07832-402167. SIMPLY ADDING YOURSELF TO THE ATTENDEES LIST IS NOT ENOUGH
The meeting will provide five programmed rides and AT LEAST ONE FINAL FOR EVERYONE. There are trophies for the top three in each class and there will be a paramedic in attendance. Angie's Food van will be in attendance whilst Darren and Dan Miles' spares van will be there to sell fuel, oil and other spares. To contact them direct call 07563-500409.

Riders do not need new silencers, mudguards etc. and can ride on day licenses (with no additional charge).

Positions in all classes will be decided in the finals with every rider qualifying for one. THE WINNER OF EACH SPEEDWAY CLASS FINAL ADVANCES TO THE NEXT. (e.g. Winner of the 'E' Final advances to the 'D' Final etc. etc.).

Riders can ride in as many or as few meetings as they like but Summer Championship points are scored in the following manner: 20 points for 1st, 19 for 2nd etc down to 1 point for 20th (although that would be increased for all rounds if we had more than 20 riders for a class on one day). For the classes where five rounds will hopefully be completed then the best four will count for riders because it allows a rider to miss a round. If only four rounds are completed then a riders top three rounds will count etc. etc.

Helmet colours (old colours or new colours) are required in the speedway classes but can be borrowed (please give advance notice if possible) whilst dirt deflectors are required in the Open, Support,, Y500 and Y250 classes. If anyone has any questions then please just let me know.

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Last Sunday 67 riders competed over 98 races in the opening round of Scunthorpe Speedway’s Summer Championship. In the Open Class it was 2011 and 2014 Summer Champion Mirek Daniszewski who claimed the honours whilst rising star Jamie Halder pushed him all the way in the ‘A’ Final whilst claiming also claiming the Support Class title.

After the Meeting Organiser Richard Hollingsworth explained “Whilst the improved opportunities in the National League and Midland Development League may have reduced the entrants in the Open Class the rule changes have finally given British riders the encouragement they need and there were strong entries in the other classes suggesting that there will soon be riders coming through to backfill the higher classes.

“It always encouraging to see plenty of young riders entering the meetings because it is a measure of how the sport might be faring in five years time. There may be problems with the sport but we are getting more and more youngsters interested in riding and that can only be a good thing. We have over fifty riders in next Sunday’s British Youth Championship round and I don’t think that figure has been achieved before. It should be a great afternoon’s speedway.

The other adult class winners were Luke McKenna (Novice Class) and Gary O’Hare (Upright Class). O’Hare is a three time winner of the Open Class but has switched to the increasingly popular upright class which see riders using old-style engines that are mounted in an upright position rather than in the modern laydown position. The youth class winners were Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (500cc), Ben Woodhull (250cc) and Jolyon West (125/150cc) whilst there was a very strong non-speedway entry. Alan Birtwhistle (Flat Track), Alfie Collett (Adult Pit Bikes) and Luke Harrison (Junior 110cc) were the class winners.

The next meeting is on Sunday 31st May and will once again be split into two halves to ensure riders aren’t waiting too long between rides. The first half will start at 11am with the Open, Support, Youth 500, Youth 250, Flat Track and Junior 110 classes followed by the Novice, Uprights, Youth 125/150 and Adult Pit Bike classes at 2pm. Places can be reserved in the meeting by texting Richard Hollingsworth on 07832-402167 whilst further rounds of the Summer Championship will take place on 12th July, 23rd August and 4th October.

The first round of the British Youth Championship takes place at Scunthorpe’s Eddie Wright Raceway this Sunday (10th May) with a 3pm start time. There are 55 races scheduled and entry is just £5 for adults with free entry for anyone aged 16 and under.

Open / Support Classes:
Open Class Qualifying scores:
Mirek Daniszewski 12, Andrew Blackburn 9

Support Class Qualifying scores:
Jamie Halder 14, Craig Hancock 9, John Gaskell 8, Mike Hancock 7, Stoian Stoianov 6, Glyn Picken 6, Damon Hall 4 (2 rides), Matthew Sewell 3 (4 rides)

C Final: Stoianov, Picken, 71.8
B Final: Stoianov, M. Hancock, C. Hancock, Gaskell, 69.1
A Final: Daniszewski, Halder, Stoianov, Blackburn, 66.6

Summer Championship points
Open Class: Daniszewski 20, Blackburn 19
Support Class: Halder 20, Stoianov 19, M. Hancock 18, C. Hancock 17, Gaskell 16, Picken 15, Hall 14, Sewell 13.

Qualifying heat winning times: 1. Gaskell 72.6, 2. Stoianov 66.2, 3. Halder 64.2, 6. C. Hancock awarded, 9. Halder 64.4, 12. Daniszewski 63.4, 15. Halder 65.7, 18. Halder 65.4, 21. M. Hancock 68.2, 24. Daniszewski 64.8, 27. Picken 70.0, 30. Daniszewski 64.2, 33. Daniszewski 64.5, 36. C. Hancock 68.3.

Novice Class:
Qualifying Scores: Tim Antill 13, Luke McKenna 12, Lloyd Ditchburn 11, Tom Miles 6, Francesca Kirtley-Paine 6, Jake Isherwood 6, Jeff Robinson 3, John Sunderland 3.

C Final: Robinson, Sunderland, 80.0
B Final: Isherwood, Miles, Robinson, Kirtley-Paine, 78.1
A Final: McKenna, Isherwood, Ditchburn, Antill, 75.0

Winter Series points: McKenna 20, Isherwood 19, Ditchburn 18, Antill 17, Miles 16, Robinson 15, Kirtley-Paine 14, Sunderland 13.

Qualifying heat winning times: 59. Antill 82.1, 63. McKenna 80.2, 66. McKenna 69.6, 71. Ditchburn 82.7, 74. Isherwood 79.3, 78. Antill no time, 81. Isherwood 78.0, 86. McKenna 77.5, 92. McKenna 80.3, 96. Antill 77.0.

Upright Class (for upright engines):
Qualifying Scores: Gary O’Hare 15, Dave Harvey 11, Ian Leverington 9, Glen Belcher 8, Lee Coleman 5, Scott Cook 4.

A Final: O’Hare, Coleman, Leverington, Harvey (fell, remounted), 63.5

Winter Series points: O’Hare 20, Coleman 19, Leverington 18, Harvey 17, Belcher 16, Cook 15.

Qualifying heat winning times: 60. O’Hare 66.6, 65. Belcher 80.0, 68. O’Hare 68.0, 72. Harvey 73.6, 75. O’Hare 65.9, 80. O’Hare 66.4, 83. O’Hare 66.4, 88. Leverington 71.0, 94. Harvey 70.8

Youth 500:
Qualifying scores: Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 15, Sam Woolley 10, Sam Chapman 8, William O’Keefe 5.

A Final: Parkinson-Blackburn, Woolley, Chapman, 65.6

Summer Championship points:
Parkinson-Blackburn 20, Woolley 19, Chapman 18, O’Keefe 17.

Qualifying heat winning times (Parkinson-Blackburn unless stated): 4. 61.2, 10. Woolley 71.4, 16. 61.4, 22. 62.7, 28. 62.6, 32. O’Keefe 69.1, 35. 64.4

Youth 250:
Qualifying scores: Kyle Bickley 15, Luke Woodhull 9, Ben Woodhull 5.

A Final: B. Woodhull, L. Woodhull, Bickley, 68.9

Summer Championship points:
B. Woodhull 20, L. Woodhull 19, Bickley 18

Qualifying heat winning times (all Bickley): 8. 64.1, 14. 62.8, 20. 63.9, 26. 64.4, 34. 65.0

Youth 125/150:
Qualifying scores: Jolyon West 15, James Hitchen 14, Sam Stead 13, Lewis Millar 12, Jordan Palin 11, Jack Wright 7, Bailey Fellows 6, Ryan Morris 6, Kieran McCoy 6, Corben Pavitt 6, Mickie Simpson 4, Jack Bell 3, Jack Shimelt 2 (4 rides), Jay Farish 2 (3 rides).

C Final: Morris, Fellows, Pavitt, Bell, 74.9
B Final: Palin, Millar, Morris, Wright, 68.9
A Final: West, Stead, Hitchen, Palin, 66.3

Summer Championship points:
West 20, Stead 19, Hitchen 18, Palin 17, Millar 16, Morris 15, Wright 14, Fellows 13, Pavitt 12, Bell 11, McCoy 10, Simpson 9, Shimelt 8, Farish 7.

Qualifying heat winning times: 56. Stead 76.2, 57. Hitchen 73.0, 58. West awarded, 61. Simpson 81.2, 64. Millar 73.9, 67. Palin 73.0, 70. Stead 71.3, 73. Millar 71.8, 76. Hitchen 68.9, 79. West 66.7, 82. Stead 70.9, 85. Morris awarded, 87. Hitchen 69.7, 89. West no time, 91. Hitchen 68.7, 93. West 65.1, 95. West 64.9, 97. Palin 69.4

Flat Track:
Scores: Alan Birtwhistle 53, Ross Herrod 49, Mike Johnson 39, Mike Hill 32, Connor Jackson 30, Ben Hunter 25, Isaac Hunter 21, Jack Pitt 13, Ryan Quickfall 1 (2 rides)

Summer Championship points:
Braithwaite 20, Herrod 19, Johnson 18, Hill 17, Jackson 16, Hunter 15, Pitt 14, Quickfall 13.

Qualifying heat winning times (Birtwhistle and six laps unless stated): 5. 104.4, 11. 103.5, 17. 107.1, 23. Herrod 93.1 (five laps) 29. 107.9, 42. 108.2

Adult Pit Bikes:
Scores: Alfie Collett 48, Adam Lovesey 39, Simon Ellis 35, Lee Carter 26, Freddie Hales 23, Adam Waller 23, Colin Willerton 13 (5 rides), Craig Smith 8.

Summer Championship points:
Collett 20, Lovesey 19, Ellis 18, Carter 17, Hales 16, Waller 15, Willerton 14, Smith 13

Qualifying heat winning times (all Collett): 62. 81.3, 69. 81.1, 77.80.5, 84. 80.5, 90. 77.0, 101. 78.2

Junior 110:
Scores: Luke Harrison 18, Maddy Fellows 12, Joe Burden 0 (0 rides)

Summer Championship points:
Harrison 20, Fellows 19, Burden 18.

Qualifying heat winning times (all Harrison): 7. 91.9, 13. 101.2, 19. 88.5, 25. 88.2, 31. 85.1, 45. 84.8

Northern Junior League match:

Halifax Dukes 20 (Sam Stead 8+1, John Gaskell 6, Jordan Palin 4, Luke Whitehead 2+2)

Workington Meteors 16 (Jamie Halder 9, Kieran McCoy 3+1, Jay Farish 3, David Morgan 1)

Heat 38 – Halder, Gaskell, Whitehead, Morgan, 67.4
Heat 39 – Stead, Farish, McCoy, Palin (fell, excluded), awarded
Heat 43 – Halder, Gaskell, Whitehead, Morgan, 67.9
Heat 44 – Palin, Stead, Farish, McCoy, 71.3
Heat 49 – Halder, Gaskell, Morgan, Whitehead, 68.3
Heat 50 – Stead, McCoy, Palin, Farish, 71.5

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Already have around 50 riders for next Sunday's amateur meeting. For those who haven't been to one they are split into two halves so people don't have too long between rides (typically six rides in three hours) and the details are on the first post of this thread and the Scunny amateurs facebook page. However, in short if you want to book in or need more details simply test me on 07832-402167.

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I am taking bookings for the next amateur meeting on Sunday 12th July but please note that I may not be available at all between 23rd and 30th June. As always texting 07832-402167 or via Facebook are the best ways to contact me.

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Six places remain on next Sunday's main track training school day with Wayne Carter. £50 for 11am to 4pm. Limit of 16 riders and free drinks and snacks are provided in the middle of the session. Text me on 07832-402167 to reserve a space.

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Mirek claims third Summer Championship


Three months short of his 50th Birthday former Polish Elite League rider Miroslaw Daniszewki claimed his third Summer Championship title at Scunthorpe Speedway’s Eddie Wright Raceway last Sunday. With a last bend pass of Ricky Scarboro in the final he claimed the round victory and ensured he couldn’t be caught when the last round is raced on October 4th.


Other Summer Championship titles were won in the Novice, Upright and Youth 125/150 classes. Tim Antill claimed his first round win and an unassailable lead in the Novice Class after defeating the previously unbeaten Dave Brayshaw in the final. In the Upright Class it was Gary O’Hare who reeled off six wins and his fourth round win of the summer whilst 11-year old Jolyon West could console himself with the Summer title in the Youth 125/150 class after being defeated for the first time in six meetings. He had once again gone through qualifying unbeaten but was headed home by Harry McGurk after an epic three-way tussle with him and Jordan Palin.


There were great races throughout the day and the Support Class final was another that produced a last lap pass. 17-year old George Rothery was the star on that occasion with an outstanding pass of Bulgarian Stoian Stoianov to claim his second successive class win.


There were further class wins for Luke Woodhull (Youth 500 on his debut in the class), Leon Flint (also on his class debut in the Youth 250 class) and Skye Adams (Flat Track) along with two for George Hopper (Pit Bike and Junior 110 classes).


After the meeting organiser Richard Hollingsworth confirmed it was one of the best meetings the club had run “We had about sixty riders and ran 87 races. Not once was the paramedic called to attend anyone and the quality of the racing was exceptional in just about every class. You can’t ask for better than that can you?


“So many of the classes are expanding even though it is the height of the holiday season. We had seven in the upright class, eight pit bikes, nine flat trackers. It’s all very encouraging and I’m sure when the MDL, National League, grass track and flat track seasons wind down we’ll see extra riders coming along. We’ll certainly have a big turnout on 4th October for the final round of the Summer Championship and now we’ve announced twelve Winter Series meetings.


Once the clocks go back at the end of October we have to split the classes over two separate weekends so we’ll have the youth classes along with flat track and pit bikes one weekend and then the following week we will have the four adult speedway classes. It’s always exciting when the classes are really full so I’m really looking forward to the coming months.


“Of course we do rely on people coming forward to help us run the meetings but hopefully people will race in their rounds and then come and help run the meetings for the other classes over the winter. It was great to have some new people come forward to help this week and we really appreciate the help given to us. We have some amazing regulars but many hands make light work and what we really want is where everyone is chipping in and people are only having to help out at one or two a year.


Offers of help or places can be reserved in the October 4th meeting by texting Richard Hollingsworth on 07832-402167.


Winter Series Dates (all Sundays):


Flat Track, Pit Bike and Youth Speedway Classes - 8th November, 6th December, 27th December, 17th January, 7th February & 28th February


Adult Speedway Classes (Open, Support, Novice & Upright) – 15th November, 13th December, 3rd January, 24th January, 14th February & 6th March


Open Class

Qualifying scores:

Ricky Scarboro 14, Miroslaw Daniszewski 12, Andrew Blackburn 8, Sam Darroch 4, David Lidgett 3.


A Final: Daniszewski, Scarboro, Blackburn, Darroch, 67.6


Summer Championship points: Daniszewski 20, Scarboro 19, Blackburn 18, Darroch 17, Lidgett 16.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Miroslaw Daniszewski 73 (20-19-14-20), Blackburn 67 (19-15-15-18), Ricky Scarboro 53 (17-17-19), Danny Phillips 40 (20-20), Eryk Borczuch 34 (16-18), David Lidgett 29 (13-16), Sam Chapman 19, Tom Bacon 18, Sam Darroch 17, Jamie Halder 16, Sean Phillips 14.


Qualifying heat winning times: 3. Daniszewski 65.9, 9. Scarboro 62.8, 14. Scarboro 63.0, 19. Daniszewski 63.5, 23. Daniszewski 63.1, 28. Scarboro 66.5, 33. Scarboro 67.0


Class Roll of Honour:

2008: Stuart Parnaby

2009: Gary O’Hare

2010: Gary O’Hare

2011: Miroslaw Daniszewski

2012: Steve Jones

2013: Gary O’Hare

2014: Miroslaw Daniszewski

2015: Miroslaw Daniszewski


Support Class:
Qualifying scores:

George Rothery 14, Stoian Stoianov 13, Luke McKenna 7, Sam Chapman 7, Kurtis Scarboro 5, Damien Fricker 1 (2 rides).


B Final: Chapman, Scarboro, 70.3

A Final: Rothery, Stoianov, Chapman, McKenna, 68.0


Summer Championship points

Support Class: Rothery 20, Stoianov 19, Chapman 18, McKenna 17, Scarboro 16, Fricker 15.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Stoian Stoianov 58 (19-20-19), George Rothery 40 (20-20), M. Hancock 33 (18-15), C. Hancock 31 (17-14), Simon Bence 31 (16-15), Luke Whitehead 26 (12-14), Jamie Halder 20, Mark Whitehead 19, Mick Skinner 19, Hayley Perrault 18, Chris Bambury 18, Sam Chapman 18, Ben Hewitt 17, David Morgan 17, Luke McKenna 17, John Gaskell 16, Tom Sipos 16, Kurtis Scarboro 16, Glyn Picken 15, Damien Fricker 15, Damon Hall 14, Luke Whitehead 14, Matthew Sewell 13, Lloyd Ditchburn 13, Rachel Hellowell 11.


Qualifying heat winning times: 1. Rothery 68.8, 2. Stoianov 67.0, 8. Rothery 65.1, 13. Rothery 64.6, 18. Stoianov 64.8, 22. McKenna 71.1, 27. Stoianov 68.1, 32. Rothery 68.5


Novice Class:

Qualifying Scores: David Brayshaw 15, Andy Humphries 12, Tim Antill 12, Ian Rawlings 9, Francesca Kirtley-Paine 8, Tom Miles 6, Kevin Wallace 5, Paul Abbott 5.


C Final: Wallace, Abbott, 82.9

B Final: Kirtley-Paine, Wallace, Rawlings, Miles, 77.7

A Final: Antill, Humphries, Brayshaw, Kirtley-Paine, 73.4


Summer Championship points: Antill 20, Humphries 19, Brayshaw 18, Kirtley-Paine 17, Wallace 17, Rawlings 16, Miles 15, Abbott 14.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Tim Antill 72 (17-19-16-20), Jake Isherwood 50 (19-18-13), Francesca Kirtley-Paine 47 (14-16-17), Kurtis Scarboro 39 (20-19), David Brayshaw 32 (14-18), Andy Humphries 31 (12-19), Kevin Wallace 31 (14-17), Tom Miles 31 (16-15), David Chiles 29 (12-17), Jeff Robinson 28 (15-13), Ian Rawlings 25 (9-16), Luke McKenna 20, Lewis Millar 20, Lloyd Ditchburn 18, Lewis Scarboro 18, Paul Sturrock 17, John Boddy 15, Damien Fricker 15, Paul Abbott 14, John Sunderland 13, James Andrews 11, Simon Gale 10, Danny Wright 8, Stuart Andrews 7.


Qualifying heat winning times: 44. Brayshaw 74.0, 45. Humphries 77.0, 49. Antill 79.3, 52. Antill 79.4, 55. Brayshaw 74.6, 58. Humphries 74.0, 64. Brayshaw 71.9, 67. Brayshaw 72.3, 70. Kirtley-Paine 80.1, 73. Kirtley-Paine 82.7, 76. Brayshaw 75.3, 79. Humphries 75.4


Upright Class (for upright engines):

Qualifying Scores: Gary O’Hare 15, Graham Knowler 10, Shaun Bickley 8, George Rothery 7, Lee Coleman 7, Ray Vernon 5, Dave Patten 2.


B Final: Rothery, Vernon, Patten, 68.9

A Final: O’Hare, Knowler, Rothery, Bickley, 68.3


Summer Championship points: O’Hare 20, Knowler 19, Rothery 18, Bickley 17, Vernon 16, Patten 15, Coleman 14.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Gary O’Hare 80 (20-20-20-20), Lee Coleman 51 (19-18-14), Shaun Bickley 36 (19-17), Ray Vernon 35 (19-16), Ian Leverington 33 (18-15), Graham Knowler 19, George Rothery 18, Dave Harvey 17, Trevor Bebbington 17, Glen Belcher 16, Dave Brayshaw 16, Scott Cook 15, Dave Patten 15, Steve Newsham14.


Qualifying heat winning times (O’Hare unless stated): 47. 68.3, 48. Knowler 71.8, 53. 66.0, 57. 66.8, 62. Coleman 70.8, 66. Knowler 70.8, 71. 69.8, 75. Rothery 69.0, 80. 68.2


Youth 500:
Qualifying scores: Luke Woodhull 14, James Hitchen 11.


A Final: Woodhull, Hitchen, 69.0


Summer Championship points: Woodhull 20, Hitchen 19.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Sam Chapman 54 (18-18-18), Parkinson-Blackburn 40 (20-20), William O’Keefe 36 (17-19), Kean Dicken 20, Luke Woodhull 20, Sam Woolley 19, Kieran Douglas 19, James Hitchen 19.


Qualifying heat winning times (Woodhull unless stated): 7. 66.0, 15. 64.1, 21. 65.7, 29. Hitchen 69.8, 35. 69.2


Youth 250:
Qualifying scores: Leon Flint 14, Harry McGurk 8, Alex Spooner 7.


A Final: Flint, Spooner, 66.3


Summer Championship points: Flint 20, Spooner 19, McGurk 18.



Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Kyle Bickley 38 (18-20), Harry McGurk 37 (19-18), Ben Woodhull 20, Leon Flint 20, Luke Woodhull 19, Alex Spooner 19.


Youth 125/150:
Qualifying scores: Jolyon West 15, Jordan Palin 13, Harry McGurk 10, Sam McGurk 9, Sheldon Davies 4, Corban Pavitt 4, Mickie Simpson 3, Jack Bell 2.


C Final: Bell, Simpson, 82.2

B Final: S. McGurk, Pavitt, Davies, Bell, 75.1

A Final: H.McGurk, West, Palin, S. McGurk, 66.4


Summer Championship points: H. McGurk 20, West 19, Palin 18, S. McGurk 17, Pavitt 16, Davies 15, Bell 14, Simpson 13.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Jolyon West 79 (20-20-20-19), Jordan Palin 73 (17-19-19-18), Jack Bell 54 (11-15-15-13), Sheldon Davies 44 (13-16-15), Mickie Simpson 39 (9-17-13), Jack Shimelt 38 (8-16-14), James Hitchen 36 (18-18), Sam McGurk 35 (18-17), Harry McGurk 34 (14-20), Corben Pavitt 28 (12-16), Sam Stead 19, Jacob Clayton 17, Lewis Millar 16, Ryan Morris 15, Jack Wright 14, Bailey Fellows 13, Kieran McCoy 10, Jay Farish 7.


Qualifying heat winning times: 50. Palin 71.2, 51. West 68.3, 56. Palin 72.1, 59. West 66.9, 63. West 65.8, 65. Palin 67.1, 69. West 67.6, 72. S. McGurk 72.9, 77. West 68.0, 78. Palin 68.7


Flat Track:
Scores: Skye Adams 54, Joe Burden 45, Paul Sheldon 40, Mike Johnson 31, Ian Cramp 27, Isaac Hunter 25, Jack Pitt 21, Ben Hunter 20, Denise Lawson 7.


Summer Championship points: Adams 20, Burden 19, Sheldon 18, Johnson 17, Cramp 16, I. Hunter 15, Pitt 14, B. Hunter 13, D. Lawson 12.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Mike Johnson 70 (18-18-17-17), Skye Adams 59 (20-19-20), Isaac Hunter 58 (14-14-15-15), Ben Hunter 55 (15-13-14-13), Jordan-Lee Miller 37 (19-18), Jack Pitt 37 (13-10-14), Denise Lawson 33 (12-9-12), Connor Jackson 32 (16-16), Stuart Avery 27 (15-12), Alan Birtwhistle 20, Tom Woolley 20, Ross Herrod 19, Joe Burden 19, Paul Sheldon 18, Mike Hill 17, Peter Jordan 17, Brad Hardman 16, Ian Cramp 16, Giles Longbone 13, Ryan Quickfall 12, Ben Wells 11, Jon Lawson 11.


Heat winning times (Six laps, all Adams): 4. 115.2, 10. 109.6, 16. 106.7, 24. 109.6, 30. 99.3, 38. 100.2.


Adult Pit Bikes:
Scores: George Hopper 41, Lee Carter 27, Adam Waller 27, Kieran Holt 23, Zak Harris 22, Simon Ellis 16, Dan Miles 12.


Summer Championship points: Hopper 20, Carter 19, Waller 18, Holt 17, Harris 16, Ellis 15, Miles 14.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Lee Carter 71 (17-17-18-19), Simon Ellis 70 (18-20-17-15), Adam Waller 66 (15-19-14-18), Dan Miles 42 (16-12-14), Adam Lovesey 35 (19-16), Tom Miles 33 (18-15), Craig Smith 26 (13-13), Alfie Collett 20, Leah Tokelove 20, George Hopper 20, George Pickering 19, Kieran Holt 17, Freddie Hales 16, Zak Harris 16, Carly Hopper 15, Colin Willerton 14, Yazmin Burrows 10, Sam Woolley 9.


Heat winning times (all Hopper unless stated): 54. 79.4, 60. 80.7, 68. 76.4, 74. 77.1, 81. 79.3, 86. Harris 80.9


In the afternoon session a team pit bike challenge saw three four rider teams compete with points scoring on a 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1 basis over six races. The final scores saw DTRA win with 93 points from a Scunthorpe Juniors side on 90 and Scunthorpe Seniors on 56.


Heat winning times (4 laps unless stated): 53. 118.1 (6 laps), 60. 76.0, 68. 74.2, 74. 72.3, 84. 71.4, 99. 72.9


Junior 110:
Scores: George Hopper 17, Luke Harrison 13, Lewis Towle 6.


Summer Championship points: Hopper 20, Harrison 19, Towle 18.


Summer Championship Standings (after four rounds): Luke Harrison 74 (20-17-18-19), George Hopper 60 (20-20-20), Joe Burden 37 (18-19), Leon Collier 32 (16-16), Maddy Fellows 31 (19-12), Thomas Tovey 30 (15-15), Stephanie Povey 28 (14-14), Sam Woolley 19, Bailey Fellows 18, Lewis Towle 18, Kieron Holt 17, Corey Biggs 13.

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