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Richard Tyrrell

Classic Speedway Number 30 - Arne Pander

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Hi Folks, I have just posted my feelings, as below, on the Facebook page 'Save Oxford Greyhound Stadium'. I know you can't please all of the people all of the time but feel better now I've had my say!:


The latest copy of 'Classic Speedway' dropped through my letterbox this morning. What a pleasant surprise to find a tribute to the first Great Dane, Arne Pander, who is pictured on the cover. I well remember his first meeting for the Cheetahs, he was an overnight sensation as hardly anybody had heard of him before he came to Oxford. There are eight pages inside with several pictures. It is a good article but what a shame they had to wait so long before writing one on Arne. I questioned the owners about this a few years ago and even sent them a photo I had of Arne (in the traditional yellow sash body colour) but nobody did anything about it when, in conjunction with 'Backtrack', they seemingly go to the ends of the earth to find other older riders. In the article Colin Pratt says he was the only speedway related person present at Arne's funeral. That's sad considering how popular he was back in the day and I just felt that such an article could not be published a while ago when Arne would have realised he was still remembered and appreciated.


Richard Tyrrell

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