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Scunthorpe Speedway Track Activity 2018

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Scunthorpe Speedway pride itself in offering more track time to amateur riders than any other track in the country and all year round. The list below is kept up to date but new dates are being added all the time with Wayne Carter running training schools/experience days on both tracks, Andy Meredith his AMSA Speedway Academy day on both tracks, WISS Skids running practices in addition to the highly acclaimed amateur meetings and winter practices run by ourselves. The track is also available to hire at reasonable rates (starts at £400 plus £100 deposit for in case of air fence damage). Please contact Richard Hollingsworth at richardh1967@ntlworld.com or text/call 97832-402167.

Please see the website at http://scunthorpescorpions.co/ for all details

Of particular interest should be:

Track Calendar - a listing of all amateur practices, meetings and training sessions http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=73

Try Speedway - Wayne Carter runs regular sessions on the mini track where full provision of equipment and use of the club's 150cc bikes costs just £75 (£30 with own bike) http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=51

The Amateurs section - the club runs regular meetings for a wide range of speedway and non-speedway classes plus the British Amateur Championship and Dirt Diggers race fest http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=88

Corporate/Group Bookings - the mini track can be booked for a group of up to 12 people for just £660 http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=78

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Please note that we have several new classes in our amateur meetings and our summer meetings are now split into two with non-speedway classes having their own separate days.

Adult Speedway Classes - Open, Support, Novice, Upright Open, Upright Support and 160cc

Youth Speedway Classes - Y500, Y250, Y125/150 Open and Y125/150 Support

Other Speedway Class - Quads

Adult Non-speedway Classes - Flat Track, Street Tracker, Inappropriate Road Bike and Adult Pit Bike (actually for all four-strokes up to 160cc irrespective of wheel size)

Youth Non-speedway classes -  Junior One is for up to 50cc (2-stroke) or 110cc (4-stroke) whilst Junior Two is up to 85cc (2-stroke) or 160cc (4-stroke).

To book a place please send Richard Hollingsworth a text on 07832-402167 or contact him via Facebook. Simply adding your name as an attendee to the Facebook event is not enough.  More info available at http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=2358 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/scunnyamateurs/

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Taking bookings for the British Amateur Championship meeting on 19th August. Six remaining classes are Pro, Open, Upright Open, Upright Support, 160cc and Quads. Text me on 07832-402167 to book.

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