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Beat The Bookie Gp Prize Competition 2017

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R and R bookmakers are delighted to announce that the competition is back for a 5th year, and thanks to the generosity of the last 3 winners I have been able to donate the winners prize to either the BEN fund or Darcy Ward foundation.

With the 2017 series boasting the best line-up for many a year, it looks as if the advantage for once ! could be with the poor old bookmaker- so I will be going all out to ensure that there will be NO winners- only losers !!.



Each contestant MUST place bets in all 12 rounds-in the event of having no money left they are out of the competition
Each player starts with £400. MAXIMUM BET PER GP IS £200.minimum bet per GP is £20(or total balance if less than £20) minimum bet per rider is £10.

all bets can be edited upto the advertised starting time of the meeting.
If a rider is injured before a round starts then the bet is voided on that rider, or bets can be amended upto the meeting start time.
If a rider starts a meeting but is injured and cannot continue THE BET STANDS but any points scored by the reserves count towards the injured riders score. If any rider is excluded for a starting offence the reserve points scored do not get added.
To ensure fair play bets for the final round may be required to be PM`d to me instead of normal posting.

If a meeting is called off at heat 16 then the spread will be adjusted to 4/5th`s of the original. If a meeting is called off at or after 20 heats the spreads stand.


One must bet on a rider to score MORE OR LESS than the spread-the HIGHER figure is taken for MORE bets and the LOWER for LESS bets-the mid between the two is what I expect them to score-and they add up to 138 which is the total points available in a GP



These might be 3 of the spreads for the 1st GP of the season

Dudek 7 - 9

Zmarzlik 10 - 12

Lindback 6 - 8


Player 1 might think Dudek will score more than 9 in Slovenia so bets £100 MORE. If Dudek scored 12 he would win (12-9=3) X £100 which is £300. If he only scored 5 he would LOSE (9-5=4) X £100 which is £400 and be out of the competition.


Player 2 might think Zmarzlik will score less than 10 and bets £200 LESS Zmarzlik scored 7 so wins (10-7=3) X £200 which is £600. If he scored 14 he would LOSE (14-10=4) X £200 which is £800 and he would be out of the competition.


Player 3 might think Lindback will have a stormer and bet £200 MORE than 8 . if he scored 12 he would win (12-8=4) X £200 which is £800. however if Lindback scored the mid-spread of 7 he would LOSE (8-7=1) x £200 which is £200 .


I`m sure you know that the R and R stands for Reckless and Revolutionary so where I lead the other bookmakers follow so

in mid-April(when the wild-card is known) and I have done my research on the 2017 form I will post the spread for the 1st GP of the season in Krsko Slovenia on April 29th.


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Will have another go this year. Can't be any worse than last year, out 1st round.

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There is a well known saying " burning the midnight oil "- well I have just created a new one " burning the 4 AM oil " !!!!

I was relying on the Polish Extraleague 1st round this past weekend to give me some form pointers- so once again all the advantage to the punters !!!!

However I am made of stern stuff with plenty of cash reserves available if required.

Leading bookmakers must lead so here is the all important spread for the opening round.

If anyone plays who is new to the competition- please read the rules thoroughly.




Spread for GP ROUND 1 Krsko Slovenia Saturday April 29th start time 6 pm UK TIME


Woffinden 11 - 13

Hancock 11 - 13

Doyle 11 - 13

Zmarzlik 10 - 12

Pawlicki 10 - 12

Pedersen 9 - 11

Holder 9 - 11

Sayfutdinov 7 - 9

NKI 7 - 9

Dudek 7 - 9

Vaculik 6 - 8

Zagar 6 - 8

lindgren 6 - 8

lindback 6 - 8

Janowski 5 - 7

Skorja 1 - 3

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Like Ian I also went out in the first round last year. Let's hope this one is better!


So to start off I'll have £50 on Lindback to score more please.

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Emil and Doyle 50 over please r&r

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Holder £40 less

Emil £40 more


Many thanks for doing this again r & r.

I see you are being as tight as last year with your rider scores :wink:

Edited by A ORLOV

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Like others have said,thanks for running this comp again RR.No AJ this year so maybe i can pick another poor sod to carry the weight of my bets this season!!!!

will try Zagar £50 more



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