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crescent girl

Stars Of Tomorrow At Berwick (august 5th)

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At the rate speedway is going no point in a starts of tomorrow speedway will have finished within 5 years unless someone comes up with something great to fix it & I don't mean the BSPA

Think there will always be a place for speedway, if it's at a part time or amateur level. Whether there is a future for professional riders in this country, that's a different matter.


For that to happen either costs have to be cut (machinery-wise) or extra income has to be found, either by crowds or sponsorship.

Didn't think it was too bad for the type of meeting.

Exactly. The crowd was never going to be like it is for a league match. It doesn't need to be, costs are much less as well. The meeting was sponsored, each heat was sponsored and most riders were sponsored, which was an impressive effort.

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