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17 hours ago, szkocjasid said:

I think British Speedway got it right! Only Swindon would have to move from a Thursday (if they were forced too), but Poole, King's Lynn, Redcar, Sheffield & Ipswich would be have to move their race nights if Prem was Mon & Thurs! I think putting 5 British teams above a handful of Danish riders is the right thing to do for British Speedway!

Totally agree.  The top league has always shafted the second tier.  In 1991 4 teams were encouraged up with help promised. It killed Wimbledon , bankrupt Berwick. 

Then almagamation came along but the top tier wouldn’t share the top riders around so the rich were rich and the poor got poorer. Resulting in huge financial problems for Glasgow/Edinburgh Middlesbrough and others. It could have worked and provided a full and varied fixture list if it wasn’t for self interest. 

Birmingham were tempted up followed by Somerset and rye house and the rockets gates have halved. 

We can learn from history and I guess Ipswich Sheffield and Redcar are correct to protect their race night

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There is something in what you say about when the leagues amalgamated but there are many and varied reasons why some of those clubs who moved up found themselves in difficulties. Berwick's problems were due mainly to the then owner. Somerset and King's Lynn seem to be content to stay in the PL and the problems at Rye House are down to having to change their race night because of the FNR.

Yes, Ipswich, Redcar and Sheffield were asked to change their race night and refused but let's not forget that FNR wasn't just for the benefit of the PL. It was done mainly to resolve the problem of missing doubling up riders and the CL stood to gain as much from that at the PL. As it now stands the CL are, subject to the SCB rules, enjoying the benefits of having their doubling up riders available and paying none of the price, which falls entirely on the PL having to race on Wednesday's when Denmark has priority.

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