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Njl - Newcastle Gems V Redcar Cubs Sun 3rd Sept, 2017

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Josh Embleton 3, 3, 3. = 9. max

Dale Pate. 1, 1, 1 = 3

Archie Freeman 3, 3. =. 6. max

Danny Smith 0,0. = 0



Gavin Parr 2, 2, 2. = 6

Dean Douglas 0. 0. 0 = 0

Elliott Kelly 2, 2. = 4

Alex Goldsbrough 1+1, 1+1 =. 2+2


Heat 1 Embleton, Parr, Pate, Douglas 4-2

Heat 2 Freeman, Kelly, Goldsbrough, Smith 3-3 7-5

Heat 3 Embleton, Parr, Pate, Douglas. 4-2. 11-7

Heat 4 Freeman, Kelly, Goldsbrough, Smith. 3-3 14-10

Heat 5 Embleton, Parr, Pate, Douglas. 4-2. 18-12

Heat 6


Meeting abandoned after Heat 5 due to fence damage after a crash which saw Danny Smith put a 6ft gash in the airbag and ended up on top of it. Fortunately not injured, but has abrasive marks on his arm and shoulder. Be OK for Northside on Saturday but :D


A good little battle after a superb first meeting. Both bottom of the table, but good track time which is the prime requisite. Quite a few supporters again who stayed behind to be entertained.

Many Thanks again.

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Well done Gems good performance and enjoyable meeting, shame about heat 6 good race till crash. Also glad Danny Smith wasn't hurt to badly rode much better than lack of points suggest.

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Heat times:


1. 73.3

2. 77.1

3. 72.7

4. 75.3

5. 73.0

6. Not run

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