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Gollob Interview On Polish Website

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We knew it was bad, but not that bad, well I didn't. Poor Tomas so sad that he is in constant pain from his serious injuries.

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We knew it was bad, but not that bad, well I didn't. Poor Tomas so sad that he is in constant pain from his serious injuries

My best wishes go to Tomasz.

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Outstanding rider Tomasz Gollob in a moving conversation tells us about the daily fight against pain after an accident.

Tomasz Gollob decided to make his first interview with the media since he had a horrible accident on the motorcycle track.
The speedboat argues that he knew about the media's interest and did not want to give them food
"I'm a good thinker and I believe I'm going to get out of it," says the famous athlete.

MATEUSZ PUKA: Thank you for the opportunity to talk - the first after the long silence that you have given us. We knew it was not good, but we were hoping for a quick update on your health.

TOMASZ GOLLOB: Everyone was expecting good news. I also. Unfortunately, the injury is huge and my health is not as good as I expected. But it is better than the first days after the accident. I know from the doctors' accounts that they have fought a real fight for my life. When I woke up, I hoped that everything would go better.

In this situation can we at all speak of progress in recovery by your efficiency?

If you compare my current situation with this after the accident, you can certainly talk about improvement. Previously, I was fighting for life, and now I can talk freely and practice. Unfortunately, the process of reaching fitness was hampered by the appearance of spasticity (excessive uncontrolled muscle tension). After the accident, the doctors almost asked the symptoms almost daily. But then I did not know what they were talking about. It was only after about two months since the accident the spastic movements began to progress. Only then did I understand the concerns of the doctors. I know that there is nothing more difficult in life than spasticity. She does not give me peace for a moment. He attacks unexpectedly and makes me not myself. Perhaps with time the symptoms will subside. This is a long-term process.

This is the biggest obstacle preventing return home.

One of the few, but definitely the most serious. Anyway, back home I do not hurry at all. It does not matter to me when I come back, because the more important question is in what state? Doctors every morning carefully question me and like me, expect good news. We are constantly waiting for improvement, because the core still has time to send positive signals. We are waiting for them.

When did you first realize that there is no feeling in your legs?

I recovered after a week, and understanding what happened took a few extra days.
Why did you wait so long to tell what happened? Are you afraid?

I was not afraid. I just knew I needed time. I also knew that the media wanted to take advantage of the situation and my accident. I did not want to participate in it. Especially since I did not feel the best. It's time I told myself about what happened and what my situation was like. Another thing is that I live in the hospital at about an hour. I focus only on activities that can temporarily improve my health and reduce pain. Earlier I hoped that the improvement would be fast enough that the first interview I will give away from home
What is the biggest problem on the road to recovery?

Definitely a pain. Until recently, it seemed to me that a man suffers from a broken leg or a hand. It turned out that these sufferings are really a prelude to the real pain with which I now have to live every day.

So in the last five months you did not even have one day in which it seemed that the pain was weakening and the breakthrough is near?

Unfortunately not. On the side it looks maybe easier, but it's definitely the hardest fight in my life. It lasts for five months. For most of the career the motive that motivated me was the world championship, now it is the recovery of health.

Move to another country and submit to innovative experimental therapy are taken into account?

For the time being, I am very happy with the care in Military Hospital in Bydgoszcz. I would like to thank the doctors and all those who take great care of me. The operation that saved my life was conducted by Professor Marek Harat, who then dealt with me in the neurosurgery department. With great care at the intensive care unit, Dr. Włodarski was watching over me. Today my health is monitored by Dr. Tywoniuk and Dr. Radziszewski. My guardian angel Dr Cezary Rybacki is also watching over me. It's hard to find words to thank them for what they did for me. This is a great hospital and a model for other resorts. Anyway, if not for the outstanding specialists working in this hospital, I would have long since had to finish my career. They always saved me from the biggest problems. And this time it is similar. We analyze all possibilities
Opportunity to recover may be experimental therapy in a foreign hospital. Will you take the risk?

In my situation everything that gives hope to a decent life is worth checking out. I'm not afraid of experiments and whenever there is a sensible solution, I will definitely use the opportunity. I'm in touch with other speeders who have encountered such a fate. I exchanged observations with Darcy Ward, Leigh Adams or Krzysiek Cegielski. Each of them has different experiences and everyone has helped something else. With such injuries, there is no one good solution. The next few months will be spent in the rehabilitation ward.

After weeks of tedious exercises. What is the typical day at the hospital?

I start very early, because it's already around seven in the morning. By afternoon I am full of exercises. Rehabilitation takes place daily except Sunday. Fight never stops, however, because I am constantly struggling with pain. In the evening it is time to prepare for another difficult day.

So far you have been in the hospital only for short visits. Hard to get used to the athlete to monotonous reality?

Monotony is not a problem. The training of the athlete is monotonous and for years I have been used to it, I was able to enjoy it. At the hospital I can spend up to two years, I just have to see the target. He is staggered because we are still in the core shock stage. I believe that in the coming months there will be a breakthrough. Besides, humor improves every little progress. When I see that something goes easier on me than before, I gain additional motivation. But I am aware that it would be easier to replace a leg than to fix what happened to me.
Is it difficult to mobilize for daily exercise that causes pain?

I am waiting for rehabilitation every day and it is a determinant of what goes on. If it went well, I'm happy and ready to fight again. I had to understand quickly that I could not work, because it would threaten my situation. In the end, I came to terms with the fact that nothing could be accelerated. Besides, it is a great pleasure to have a short visit at home. After two or three hours I return to the unit, but I feel much better.

What do you usually do during your stay at home?

The time is so small that it is not enough for anything. I'm just happy to be able to stay at home.

Do you have time to talk to other patients?

Of course. A lot of these conversations can be learned. In the past years I visited the rehabilitation clinic, but then I did not pay attention to the people here and their dramas. Recently came to me a boy with whom a few years ago I swapped a few sentences in the hospital corridor. He was in bad condition, in a wheelchair, and I was trying to lift him up. He reminded me of the whole situation and my words to fight and not give up, and he will surely recover his fitness. From that meeting passed 2-3 years and this time he came to the hospital with his own strength, without a trolley and reminded our meeting. He wished me exactly the same thing. Our roles have turned away, it's amazing. Such visits add a lot of strength. They also give a lot of thought.

Let's go back to the accident. Remember how there was a fall from the escarpment during the motocross race in Chełmno?

I do not remember anything about these professions. The impact had to be atomic. Such memories quickly erase from memory.
Witnesses say that just after the fall, you screamed that you did not feel your legs.

It could have been because I was in shock. I remember only moments in the hospital just after waking up.

For whom was the first conversation more difficult? For you or your loved ones?

I think everyone was experiencing it similarly. It took me a while before I realized what had happened and what the consequences would be.

Do you regret that you took part in the motocross race that Sunday? If not, today would be all right.

I have been crossing since the age of 10 and it was my normal way of preparing for each season. In Spain, I came to the form needed on a speedway track. I always approached it professionally and responsibly. I never thought that it could happen. After the last major collapse in 2013 in Stockholm I thought I had exhausted the limit of luck.

Have you considered the cause of the accident? The experts analyzed that there could be a hardware failure.

I do not remember that incident and never thought about it. There is no point in saying



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For me tomasz is one of my all time favourite riders ,a real racer, YouTube has some amazing examples of his finest rides but also he is more than any other the rider the one that put Poland on the world stage and made it the force it is today , it is heartbreaking what has happened to him and I hope that in time a breakthrough is made and tomasz can get back to a sort of normal life

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Tomasz was an absolute genius on a speedway bike, some of the moves he made almost defied belief.

The way he turned his career around from being a bit of an on-track menace in his early years to earning the respect of his fellow riders and support of practically every fan was fantastic.


Nobody was happier than me when he finally won his richly deserved world title.


I admit to having a lump in my throat while reading about his current plight, particularly the part about the person giving Tomasz the same words of encouragement he'd received from Tomasz a few years previously.


Keep fighting Tomasz.

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Sounds pretty horrendous ,hope he can make progress to better health.Fantastic rider and entertainer. So sad it has ended like this.

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The only thing that matters on this thread is that one of the worlds most talented ever speedway riders faces a lifetime in a wheelchair - come on everybody let's get behind the man rather than petty bickering.


Get well Tomasz, your fans in the UK are with you.

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Rubbish post removed. apologise if it included some genuine posts but you may have quoted the rubbish as well in your post.



Gutted for TG. Had not realised he how bad and still in pain.

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