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Confirmed Signings For 2018

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11 minutes ago, TurnTwo said:

Ayres finished 4.24 in Championship so surely that means he starts on a 8.48? 

He has a current NL average so you use that. You only look to the higher leagues if there isn’t an NL average from 2017. 

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5 hours ago, TurnTwo said:

Surely every average is current if it wasn’t attained before 2011? 

Current average in the regs means achieved this season or last season (so in this sense, it’s ones attained in 2017). This is the exact reason why Jacobs was allowed back in on 8.63 midway in 2016 but had to go to 10.something in 2017 as he didn’t do enough meetings to achieve a figure in 2016. 

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