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Issue 83 Big World Championship Moments, Crayford, 1988, King Cinder, Swedes, Castleford

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BIG Moments

Drama, controversy, thrills, spills, shocks, great racing, race fixing and mechanical disaster . . .the original World Championship had it all. Tony McDonald recalls key moments from the last 25 years of the individual title race as Backtrack readers knew it.


Here come the . . . SWEDES

In the latest of his series recalling the overseas imports that ventured to the British League, Martin Rogers runs his rule over the Swedes, included big box office attractions such as Anders Michanek, Soren Sjosten, Christer Lofqvist, Bernt Persson and Tommy Jansson, plus one of his personal long-serving favourites Richard Hellsen. Backtrack readers also recall their memories of Swedish riders who rode in the UK, including the late Leif Wahlmann, Per Jonsson, Jan Andersson, Hasse Holmqvist, Tony Olsson and Roland Danno.


Double standards

The farcical increase in riders who appear regularly for two different teams, ever-growing use of the Rider Replacement facility and the crazy proliferation of guests has reached epidemic proportions. Doug Nicolson examines the early history of doubling-up.



Andrew Skeels looks back on another year dominated by Danes, while Coventry and Hackney reigned supreme on the domestic front as British speedway celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.


KING CINDER . . . 40 years on

Speedway barely gets a mention in BBC Television circles these days but in 1977-78 our sport was central to the plot of a fictional children's TV series viewed by tens of thousands. Rob Peasley sets the scene and speaks to several ex-Rye House riders who took part in filming of King Cinder.


CRAYFORD: 50 Memorable Moments

Deft throttle control and a good racing brain were two vital ingredients riders needed to thrive in the tight confines of the tricky London Road track. ROB PEASLEY looks back at the Kent club's stop-start existence in the second tier and recalls the impact made by star riders such as Mick Handley, Geoff Ambrose, Tony Childs, Laurie Etheridge, Alan Sage, Les Rumsey, Paul Woods, Steve Naylor, Barry Thomas, Trevor Banks, etc.


OPENING TIMES Castleford 1979

Recalling the two-year Castleford experiment in 1979-80, Andrew Skeels talks to Kevin Clapham, the man who rode most laps at the short-lived West Yorkshire venue.


Ex factor the free passes debate continues

In our last issue Tony Mac advocated free admission to UK tracks for all ex-riders who have ridden for at least one season in British speedway and readers, for and against the idea, had their say too. This time, Martin Rogers responds from a promoter's viewpoint.


To buy this single issue or take out a subscription for just £22 per year (UK), go online at www.retro-speedway.com


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