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Tomasz Gollob Out Of Hospital

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After seven months of rehabilitation the 2010 world champion is ready though to leave the hospital. He will will continue his rehabilitation / exercises at home.

Gollob will leave the hospital at the end of November. The doctors agreed that the process of rehabilitation in the hospital is completed. In the past weeks He has undergone trials in walking again with the help of an exoskeleton, he was able to cover about 40 meters. Now the exercises will be done at home.

- We have to have hope, but the chances that Tomasz Gollob will walk again are small. said Professor Marek Harat. Tomasz is aware of the situation. Of course, it can not be ruled out that favorable changes will occur and the core function will return, but we must also be prepared for nothing to change, so walking will require some cure, "he explains.

Gollob also announced that once is released from the hospital, he would be more likely to appear publicly. - I needed some time to understand what happened. My career came to a standstill and everything changed. It was not easy to reconcile with. It's a pity, because I was hoping for another medal in the motocross and performance at the Dakar Rally. It can not be excluded that next year I will appear as a guest at the Polish Grand Prix at the National PGE. Certainly, if possible, I will also appear on other speedway stadiums. Professor Marek Harat persuades me all the time that there are still many things I can do, and that is probably true. I want to function normally and I will do everything to make it happen, "said Tomasz Gollob during yesterdays press conference at the Bydgoszcz hospital.

source: sports.pl , onet.pl


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One word " LEGEND "


Never write off Tomasz , if it can be overcome he will do so . Speedway fans Worldwide are rooting for you Mr G.

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All the years I've been watching Speedway, NEVER seen anyone so graceful to watch.


One of my biggest regrets is never seeing Tomasz Gollob ride, so I am delighted to see him now out of hospital and continuing his rehabilitation that one day will see him walk again.

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