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Nl Agm 14th December.

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On 15/12/2017 at 12:31 PM, uk_martin said:

Someone needs to establish what the aims and objectives of the NL are. Are they to:

1. Provide as strong a league as possible, competing for the attentions of CL riders thereby getting as many bums on seats as possible?
2. To develop young British talent, allowing a start in the sport to those with talent and determination and providing a competitive springboard into their future careers at a higher level?
3. To become a retirement home for low achievers at the ends of their careers or after their form or confidence has been lost, and to act as a "Seniors Tour" for the over 30's?

I suspect Stoke would vote for "3", but the problem with 1 & 2 is that you have competing and conflicting interests.  Teams like Belle Vue will be glad to nurture young talent as they have a stake in the bigger picture, with the Aces being one of the teams who will benefit from the throughput of talent. Other teams, such as Birmingham, with no further stake in the sport outside of the exit to their car parks will only really care about themselves, will only get aggrieved at the drain of talent that they nurture, and will therefore do what's necessary to win the league (at all costs if some accusations are to be believed)  The 39 point limit seems to force a happy medium between 1 & 2, and I only wish that there was some way to compel riders with 8.00 & above averages to ride at a higher level and not block the prospects of young upstarts.

I wish that some kind of scheme could be arranged whereby anyone this year finishing the NL on an 8.00 average or above was given a guaranteed CL reserve slot for an entire season, somewhere, in exchange for being barred from the NL next season. It's not penalising success, it's promoting personal development. 


All 3. If you don't entertain people don't come. Very few tracks can't run if the people don't come.

Older riders should not be discriminated against but should be used to help the younger ones.

The points limit could have been higher.

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10 hours ago, *JJ said:

Actually, camels are highly evolved and very useful ... :lol:

Camels are pretty good at being camels. They are not very good at being horses though.

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I have a question about the rules and I didn't feel that it was worth a new thread so I thought this thread would be the best place to ask.

If, FOR EXAMPLE, Jason King or Adam McKinna or Andrew Tully was going to make a comeback in the NL, I know they won't and this is purely example, how would their averages be worked out? Or would they come in on 3.00 averages as new British riders?

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On 29/12/2017 at 8:44 PM, mac101 said:

Depends what team they would be going too 

Stoke Potters, probably. They are usually the specialist receptical for old crocs.

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