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On 16/12/2017 at 7:24 AM, uk_martin said:

If you are a fan of third league speedway and think that the future is in being third rate, then that's fine. Personally I'd like to see British speedway dining at the top table again. That means that the third league should only ever be a stepping stone onto greater things, that there should be no comfort zone, and that the cream be allowed to float to the top and not cheese-out at the lowest levels of the sport.

So you are saying that riders like, Georgie Wood, Ben Hopwood, Mark Baseby, Jake Knight, Matt Williamson, Ben Morley, Jon Armstrong, Kelsey Dugard  and Danny Ayres should be banned from riding National League because they are clearly not going to make it to the top now because if they were good enough they would have done it by now (best of luck telling Danny Ayres he can't ride).

Also riders like Danyon Hume, Connor Mountain, JPB, Tom Brennan and Jordan Jenkins should only ride CL next season if they want to improve ? 

First of all where are all these 3 point riders coming from to replace the riders who shouldn't ride National League ?

Secondly who is going to pay on average £12 per meeting to watch I'm sorry to say youngsters who don't have the experience to compete at that level yet and end up getting seriously injured?

It's all well and good saying how things are in Poland but over there Clubs  own there own tracks youngsters can go practice when they want Day or Night over here how many clubs here own there own tracks ? Also the sponsorship over there is far greater for young riders than it is here youngsters over here you have to remember  have to stay in education until they are 18 meaning a Saturday job is not going to go very far when it comes to buying equipment etc and not every rider has rich parents to back them.

The National League needs a mixture of ages and abilities to run

Thats just my opinion 


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The riders have to fit in with the aims and objectives of the league, not the other way around. Too many years of the tail wagging the dog have done the sport no good at all.

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