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So, I am looking for advice.

The better half wishes to visit Berlin, Prague & Warsaw.  She would also like to return to Munich.  I went to Prague on a stag doo, in 2003, as far as my comatose brain can remember it was very pretty.  I have no objections to returning.  Having hired cars for road trips to Northern Italy, Iceland & California I don't have an issue driving 6 hours a day split into a 2 stints, if morning & evening.

Would it be possible to incorporate:

Any meeting, VIII runda PGE Ekstraliga 10.06
Pardubice 13.06. 2018    18:00    The Czech Republic
Any meeting, IX runda PGE Ekstraligi 17.06

Have been lucky enough to Witness Speedway at Wroclaw, Gorzow & Leszno before.

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On 10 June you might consider Wroclaw v Grudziadz and on 17 June either Zielona Gora v Wroclaw or Leszno v Torun. All within 6 hours of Prague if driving.

In between there is a meeting at Pardubice on 13 June as you have indicated.

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It is now looking like...

04.05 Falubaz Zielona Góra - Apator Toruń
06.05 Unia Tarnów - Sparta Wrocław
12.05 Warsaw GP

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