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SDL/ MDL fixtures 2018
Date Track . Opposition Comp.
24-03-18 Reading v Carmarthen Challenge
25-03-18 Peterborough v Milton Keynes MDL
31-03-18 Weymouth v open Challenge
01-04-18 Peterborough v Belle Vue MDL
07--04-18 Carmarthen v open Challenge
11-04-18 Milton Keynes v Carmarthen MDL
14-04-18 Weymouth v Peterborough Challenge
20-04-18 Belle Vue v Peterborough MDL
28-04-18 Reading v Exeter SDL
05-05-18 Carmarthen v Belle Vue MDL
05-05-18 Weymouth v IOW SDL
09-05-18 Birmingham v Milton Keynes MDL
12-05-18 Reading v Kent SDL
18-05-18 Exeter v Weymouth SDL
23-05-18 Birmingham v Peterborough MDL
30-05-18 Birmingham OPEN
06-06-18 Milton Keynes v Weymouth Chall
08-06-18 Exeter v IOW SDL
09-06-18 Reading open
09-06-18 Carmarthen v Peterborough MDL
12-06-18 IOW v Exeter SDL
13-06-18 Milton Keynes v Belle Vue MDL
16-06-18 Weymouth v Kent SDL
20-06-18 Birmingham v Belle Vue MDL
22-06-18 Belle Vue v Birmingham MDL
23-06-18 Weymouth v Reading SDL
29-06-18 Exeter v Kent SDL
30-06-18 Reading v Birmingham Challenge
05-07-18 IOW v Kent SDL
11-07-18 Milton Keynes V Birmingham MDL
11-07-18 Belle Vue V open Challenge
13-07-18 Peterborough V Weymouth Challenge
14-07-18 Reading V Weymouth SDL
14-07-18 Carmarthen V Exeter Challenge
15-07-18 Peterborough V Carmarthen MDL
18-07-18 Birmingham V open Challenge
20-07-18 Exeter  v Reading  SDL
25-07-18 Belle Vue V Milton Keynes MDL
26-07-18 IOW v Weymouth SDL
27-07-18 Exeter v Peterborough Challenge
28-07-18 Carmarthen v Birmingham MDL
01-08-18 Birmingham V Reading Challenge
03-08-18 Exeter V Carmarthen Challenge
05-08-18 Peterborough V Birmingham MDL
09-08-18 Birmingham V Carmarthen MDL
11-08-18 Weymouth V Exeter SDL
15-08-18 Milton Keynes V Peterborough MDL
16-08-18 IOW V Reading SDL
18-08-18 Carmarthen V Milton Keynes MDL
22-08-18 Birmingham V Exeter Challenge
24-08-18 Belle Vue V Carmarthen MDL
25-08-18 Reading V OPEN
29-08-18 Birmingham V Weymouth Challenge
31-08-18 Exeter V Birmingham Challenge
01-09-18 Reading V IOW SDL
08-09-18 Carmarthen V Reading Challenge
15-09-18 Weymouth v Milton Keynes  Challenge
22-09-18 Weymouth OPEN
Kent home matches dates TBC
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