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NJL 4TT - Redcar 23rd Sept 2017

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Could anyone provide the heat details from this meeting? Also, was there a programme/scorecard?


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BERWICK 24: Sam McGurk 7 Kieran Douglas 6 Luke Harrison 6 Kevin Whelan 5

Northside 21: James Hitchen 7 Corban Pavitt 6 Gregor Millar 5 Lewis Millar 3

Cleveland 18: David Wallinger 9 Kyran Lyden 5 David Pye 2 Callum Gill 2

Newcastle 9: Archie Freeman 4 Josh Embleton 4 Danny Smith 1 Dale Pate 0


HALIFAX 24: Jordan Palin 9 Joe Lawlor 8 Beau Stonehewer 4 Daniel Gilkes 3

Redcar 24: Elliot Kelly 8 Carl Basford 7 Gavin Parr 5 Alex Goldsbrough 4

Ashfield 16: Dale Lamb 8 Jack Wright 4 Ryan Morris 3 James Culbert 1

Workington 7: Liam Little 4 Bailey Fellows 2 Jacob Fellows 1


BERWICK 23: Sam McGurk 7 Kieran Douglas 7 Luke Harrison 5 Kevin Whelan 4

Northside 19: Corban Pavitt 7 James Hitchen 7 Lewis Millar 3 Gregor Millar 2

Halifax 16: Jordan Palin 9 Daniel Gilkes 7 Beau Stonehewer 0 Joe Lawlor 0

Redcar 14: Gavin Parr 4 Elliot Kelly 4 Carl Basford 4 Alex Goldsbrough 2


Yes there was a programme.


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