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Julie Lewis Memorial @ Redcar - Thursday 5th April - 7:30pm

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Lineup announced for the annual Julie Lewis memorial meeting at Redcar to open the season. A mixture of riders to test all 7 Bears. 16 man field, 20 heats,

Ben Barker

Jordan Stewart

Jonas B Andersen

Mikkel B Andersen

Matej Kus

Tobias Busch

Theo Pijper

Aaron Summers 

Stevie Worrall

Ty Proctor 

Matt Williamson 

Nathan Greaves 

Coty Garcia 

Danny Ayres 

Jye Etheridge 

Jacob Bukhave

R1 David Wallinger


More details here: http://redcarbears.co/2018/03/21/julie-lewis-memorial-lineup-revealed/

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Due to the incessant rain, this meeting has sadly been postponed. 

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New Line Up for 10th May 2018 staging

1 Jordan Stewart 
2 Matt Williamson
3 Max Ruml
4 Kevin Doolan
5 Matej Kus
6 Tobias V Thomsen
7 Ty Proctor
8 Jacob Bukhave
9 David Wallinger
10 Aaron Summers
11 Thomas Jorgensen 
12 Simon Lambert
13 Ben Barker
14 Nike Lunna
15 Rafal Konopka                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    16 Kyle Bickley

Res Gavin Parr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Res Dave Pye

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Track started with only  one line on it and little passing, as meeting went on racing got better as the tractors and bowser did their job. 

Proctor was head and shoulders  the stand out rider, although  Matej Kus was a lot more keen on mixing / passing than normal and said he had been  practicing on the track Tuesday. Jordan Stewart mentioned afterwards that he had been receiving help from Gary Havelock, Mason Campton ( mechanicing )  and hanging around with Ty Proctor--whatever you were doing Jordan keep doing it.

  Amongst the other riders Rafael Konopka and David Wallinger stood out for me 100% effort and commitment with Wallinger the only one to lead Ty at any time, the celebration of the heat win showed how much the meeting meant to him.

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