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Polish Extraleague/Nice Polska Sunday July 22nd live on TV

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Latest photo`s from the new lodz stadium and further good news is that the Lodz team took to the track for the first time on Saturday and all gave it the "thumbs up "


Video of 1st laps http://orzel.lodz.pl/news/2616,Zawodnicy-juz-na-nowym-torze!-(wideo)

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Looks wonderful.    Lets see some great racing and replace Gorzow for a GP.

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TV matches announced for round 11 and a round 13 match bought forward

Friday July 27th (rnd 13) Gorzow v Leszno start time 6.30pm UK time

Sunday July 29th- all rnd 11

Grudziadz v Torun start time 4pm UK time

Zielona Gora v Leszno start time 6.30pm UK time

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Google translation of a Sportowefakty article about Sabmar TV and div 2

What about transmissions from the second league? There is television, which still wants to talk about them
SABMARtv television wants to show slag, but recently it faces more and more problems. - There is a lack of interest from the partners, but next year we will try again for the second league - says Marcin Wypior, the producer.

SABMARtv television was supposed to broadcast the semi-final of the IMP in Częstochowa, but ultimately nothing came of it. The fans started to ask what happened. - It did not work out because the partners' interest was lacking. This is the beginning of our end with slag - Marcin Wypior, one of the fans in social media, replied to the media.
It turns out, however, that SABMARtv does not intend to withdraw from the slag. - This year we are also planning broadcasts from two events - the MMPPK final in Gorzów and the final of the DMPJ. In addition, you can watch broadcasts from the competition on a long track all the time. We also have an invitation to several tournaments this autumn - explains Wypior.

- We are not withdrawing from the slag, but it is getting harder and harder because of the lack of support mentioned above. It does not look too colorful - adds producer SABMARtv, who again would like to talk with the authorities of the Polish slag about transmissions from the 2nd Speedway League. The topic was already on the wallpaper before this season, but nothing came of it, because some clubs were against.

- We will try again. We would like to focus on this, but we must have partners' support. We are ready to talk and broadcast from one meeting in each queue. A clear GKSŻ position is also needed. We will not do anything without it - explains Wypior.

Persuading second-division clubs is not going to be easy. Some CEOs still claim that broadcasts on the Internet will cause the outflow of stadium fans. - This is a big distortion. I assure you that the impact of such transmissions is negligible. The benefits are much more than negatives. It is also worth adding that before this season some clubs wanted to cooperate in this field with large televisions. As far as I know, it looks really bad for the moment - concludes Wypior

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This Sunday July 22nd we have a double header with the 1st match being the Nice Polska league round 4 match between Pila v Daugavpils

match is on Eleven sports 2 starting at 3.15pm UK time

this is followed by the world U21 championship round 2 from Leszno(see separate thread) which is on Eleven sport 1 and also an English commentary you tube programme which starts at 5.30 pm UK time

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Sportowefakty have published a list of Extraleague attendances in 2018 which makes interesting reading columns are ave/matches/total. unfortunately there isn`t a comparison to 2017 however i`m pretty sure figures are up this season over last.

forBET Włókniarz Częstochowa 13 600 5 68 000
Cash Broker Stal Gorzów 13 204 5 66 020
Fogo Unia Leszno 11 620 5 58 100
Betard Sparta Wrocław 11 512 5 57 558
Falubaz Zielona Góra 11 100 5 55 500
Get Well Toruń 10 756 5 53 778
Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów 7 100 5 35 500
MRGARDEN GKM Grudziądz 5 760 5 28 800
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