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Hermann Gunzenhauser

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Found a good story about the former German Champ,Hermann Gunzenhauser,whos career started pre-war and ended in 1955.In German and tells of the tragic crash he had with Austrian rival Martin Schneeweiß in Graz


Also,and this is what got me looking,found some old footage of Gunzenhauser winning a meeting at the old North German Ebstorf dirt track in 1951.Footage of the meeting is right at the end



Gunzenhauser was of course a two time winner of the Zlata Prilba in Pardubice


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Interesting ! The reporter says this meeting counts as a semi-final of the German Championship (of 1951?), and at the end he refers to Gunzenhauser as the German Champion of the previous year (1950?) 



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Yes I did see on Britmet’s Speedway champions site it does have Hermann down as 1950 German champion.Find the site a bit hard to get through enlarging records.

I actually stumbled across the footage because I stumbled across a wonderful panorama photo of the track and then across what I thought was a great piece for the time.Probably better because of the day time meeting,whereas in England most meetings were filmed in the evening and so poorer quality

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