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Mitchell Davey sponsored walk

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Not confirmed but over £3200 raised at Swindon tonight for Mitch. Looks like the GP pit passes both Cookie & Greg donated went for £1000 a piece. Looks well over £10k raised for Mitch, maybe even closer to £15k.....excellent work from all involved & a special mention must go to Lee Kilby who I spoke too at the abbey, sss still walking round at 9pm...how he was able too I’ve no idea!!!

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On 14/05/2018 at 4:30 PM, Steve Shovlar said:

Hahaha. Some people need to get a life I am sure DC took it the way it was meant. 

Some real saddos on here. 

Yes we have noticed that you are still on it. A walk to the end of the pier should be more in your line with that totally uncalled for post.

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