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Buxton Hitmen v Belle Vue Colts - NL - 3/6/18

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I am sure that somebody did tell me why this wasn't starting till 1700 hours but I have forgotten.

I am not entirely convinced that I will bother to trek up into the hills to support the Colts but I should make the effort really.

I suppose it all depends on whether Buxton can scrape together a credible team. Nobody wants to watch a massacre.

Connor Coles and Corban Pavitt may still be on the sick.

Ben Wilson had a bit of a sore neck after last week's frivolities so who knows if he will  be added to the list of casualties.

And then there is David Wallinger who may be still be under the weather or may be looking to chase fame and fortune elsewhere.

If things get any more desperate then it may be necessary to measure the Bod in the Box up for a sheepskin race suit.

He'll probably spoil the look though by wearing his hand-knitted cardigan over the top.


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what a great effort from Buxton today ,against the strong Belle Vue ,they deserved a draw things will get better from now for this great little club

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You gotta feel a performance like that, must keep the fires burning in the promotion. All thier youngsters chipping in, and giving a reminder of the buxton ethos". If they could just get another heat leader in, the could make home meetings a bit of a fortress.

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