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A new page, Flat Track Champions” has been added to the Speedway Champions website,
Detailing all British Short Track and Flat Track championship winners and place-getters since inception in 2005, it completes the race disciplines covered under the 'Track Racing' department of FIM and ACU.

Also included are ;
- other European national champions, - e.g. Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, etc;
- USA AMA dirt track Grand Nationals, and Canadian CMA winners from 1946;
- FIM World Cup and European Championship results;
- 'Flat Track of Nations' (= unofficial WTC);
- Winter Open Invitationals, - in UK and the big Spanish 'Superprestigio',
and background definitions/classifications on formats and machinery.

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9 hours ago, Bavarian said:

There will be no Superprestigio in 2018. After five years in Barcelona this event was set to go to Paris in France on December 15, 2018, but this has now been postponed until 2019


Oh no!I thought this was a success.Tv coverage and a packed arena.What happened?Tbh the annual indoor speedway meeting in Neustadt/Dosse looked on the face of it to be a success,but the line-up seemed to get poirer every year,so there was probably problems behind the scenes.Maybe the same here

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