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56 minutes ago, DC2 said:

The BSPA needs to start with a list of what the fans want ....

... and then break it to the riders what can be afforded...

... and hope for a little profit for themselves.

But make no mistake, that is the order.

Let's hope that someone sitting on their backsides at the BSPA at least  reads some of these Forum Topics and especially this one as its relevant to the sport in general.

I cant believe in a sport of falling attendances they can be overworked in head Office. You would hope that someone looks in regular to at least see that our Sport is in a dire state.

Whoops - Just made the mistake of associating the BSPA to understanding what supporters feel may be better for the sport......

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3 hours ago, Najjer said:

Using Somerset as an example again, I frankly don't really care much for who Jason Doyle rides for in Sweden, who Jack Holder rides for in Poland or who Richard Lawson rides for in the Championship.... I only care about when they ride for my team. It's irrelevant to me who else they ride for, when and who with elsewhere. Speedway is still very much a team sport in my eyes.

I too don't give a monkeys where 'my' riders also race...

Until of course they are 'somewhere else' when 'my team' have a meeting..

And invariably following a Prem team we actually get more of an advantage as often it's the Championship or NL team that lose out..

However, it 100% doesn't make it right, as those riders missing from those meetings (that still go ahead) remove any credibilty those meetings had..

One way or another one track's business will suffer by riders not being able to be in two places at once, which does the overall Sport zero favours..

For you its a team sport, for me that boat sailed a long time ago..

Now it's nothing more than a flag of convenience for the lads to earn as much coin as they can around the World (which given the risks they take no one can ever begrudge)....

But let's not pretend it has anything in common with 'proper Team Sports' when so much sharing and borrowing takes place due to an operating model miles away from being fit for purpose..

As I said previously,  do it properly or don't do it at all..

Especially as people like your good self who are happy to accept what they are watching is real in a Team Sport context are becoming less and less in number each year..

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