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Public Fora / Free Speech

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9 hours ago, chunky said:

There are many outlets today for individuals and organizations to air their views, particularly via social media and fora such as the BSF.  We also see regular comments regarding the "right" to say what you want, that "free speech" is absolute.  Unfortunately, that is NOT correct.

The origins of "free speech", particularly in the Western world, stem from the fact that comments and views regarding authorities and authority figures (most notably national governments) can be made without fear of reprisal and prosecution.

HOWEVER, please be aware that the concept of "free speech" is not absolute.

There are laws regarding slander, libel, and defamation of character, and - in these troubled times - HATE SPEECH.  In other words, you do NOT have the right to make false, accusatory, and hateful / bigoted statements, either verbally or in writing.  No, I am not aiming this at any individuals in particular, or any posts in particular, but I just wish to remind you all that not everything you believe to be a "right" is indeed a right.


This could end up being a very quiet place. The forum is a sad reflection on some of it's contributors though, particularly those who refuse to accept opinions when their own offering is merely another and those (with multiple IDs) who send PMs threatening violence to others (one of whom is actually a rider).

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