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Polish Extraleague riders championship Gdansk(IMME)Sunday August 5th live on TV

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Meeting starts at 5pm UK time

(Nominated riders): 1. Pedersen Nicki   Tarnów 2. Zmarzlik Bartosz     Gorzów 3. Lindgren Fredrik     Częstochowa 4. Pawlicki Piotr     Leszno 5. Woffinden Tai    Wrocław 6. Madsen Leon   Częstochowa 7. Laguta Artem    Grudziądz 8. Drabik Maksym   Wrocław 9. Dudek Patryk   Zielona Góra 10. Kasprzak Krzysztof   Gorzów 11. Sayfutdinov Emil    Leszno 12. Janowski Maciej    Wrocław 13. Kołodziej Janusz     Leszno 14. Doyle Jason   Toruń 15. Jepsen Jensen Michael Zielona Góra 16. (Wild card) Zawodnicy  (reserve riders): 17. Kaczmarek Daniel    Toruń 18. Karczmarz Rafał    Gorzów  (Substitutes riders): 19.Woźniak Szymon    Gorzów 20.Bjerre Kenneth    Tarnów 21.Hampel Jarosław    Leszno

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speedwayekstraliga.pl has just announced the draw for the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga Riders Championship on Sunday 5yj August in Gdansk

Below is the list of riders according to their CMA (2nd column indicates rider's draw no)

Bartosz Smektala is the wild card

  No Rider surname Rider name Club Country CMA
1 1 PEDERSEN Nicki Tarnow Denmark 10.34
2 8 ZMARZLIK Bartosz Gorzow Poland 10.26
3 3 LINDGREN Fredrik Czestochowa Sweden 9.54
4 10 PAWLICKI Piotr Leszno Poland 9.48
5 2 WOFFINDEN Tai Wroclaw England 9.38
6 15 MADSEN Leon Czestochowa Denmark 9.21
7 11 LAGUTA Artem Grudziadz Russia 9.02
8 14 DRABIK Maksym Wroclaw Poland 8.92
9 5 DUDEK Patryk Zielona Gora Poland 8.83
10 13 KASPRZAK Krzysztof Gorzow Poland 8.69
11 12 SAYFUTDINOV Emil Leszno Russia 8.57
12 4 JANOWSKI Maciej Wroclaw Poland 8.47
13 16 KOLODZIEJ Janusz Leszno Poland 8.37
14 9 DOYLE Jason Torun Australia 8.25
15 7 JEPSEN JENSEN Michael Zelona Gora Denmark 7.92
16 6 SMEKTALA Bartosz Leszno Poland 6.83

The winner will get a cheque for 25 000 PLN / around £5 100 -

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Somewhat surprisingly the PZM/Extraleague  have revealed the payment details for this meeting

1) the guaranteed amount for a reserve rider – net 3000 zł 2) the guaranteed amount for each rider (except the top 3 and reserve riders) - net 4000 zł, 3) 10000 zł net for participation in the competition and taking the first place, 4) 7000 zł net for participation in the competition and taking the second place, 5) 5000 zł net for participation in the competition and taking the third place, with the provison that for long-term contracts shall apply the rates specified in the rules in force at the time of signing the contract. The above rates include the total remuneration, including any costs associated with participation in the competition (travel costs, preparation of motorcycles, etc.) for participation. SE may increase the guaranteed amount mentioned in the preceding points

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