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redcar v scunthorpe thursday

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super meeting tonight some great racing redcar reserves were awesome. Special mention to the bear mascot she made my wee girl and boys night, very enjoyable evening.

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Bit of a stop start meeting but a much needed  win for the Bears against the Scunthorpe select side.

The Bears reserves held the key as both Ben and Dimitri didn’t rack up big scores. MBA excellent and Jordan looking much improved from recent performances.

Interesting comments from Kevin Keay at the interval - both about the referees report of the track for the 4’s (not complimentary apparently) and about a major announcement that he now couldn’t announce as things had changed?

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Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting tonight. The Andersens were terrific, ably supported by the rest of the Bears.

I was eagerly awaiting the major announcement by Kevin during the interval. But he said it's a fluid state at the moment, so now isn't the time.

Interesting to hear the referees track report from the fours meeting was critical of our track staff. We are in the middle of the warmest, and driest spell for years



Three well earned points tonight . We will be formidable at home if we keep us this form.



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A really good meeting last night and a deserved win for the Bears who were on fire at reserve

sad to hear the track copped some flack at the four tho,last night i thought is was really good


Well done Redcar



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