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TOP GUN Individual - Sheffield - Thursday 19th July 2018

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As we know, there wasn't a meeting last Thursday, so the argument could have been that people had £16 to save from that.  Not saying that I think £13 constituted "slashed" myself, just playing Devil's Advocate. 

Anyhow, the meeting...  Connor rode really well, as of course did Nathan Greaves who has certainly improved a lot since he rode for the Tigers. As well as the others mentioned, I was also impressed with Kye Thomsen.  He certainly was looking for good lines, although his awareness of others didn't look 100% at times, but that's due to inexperience and can be put right.  

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Heat 19 was one of the best I've seen at Sheffield this season, Kye Thomsen and Josh McDonald really going for it, never seen a rider hit the fence going around the second bend, nearly come off the bike, then put the power on to pass down the back straight and win the race! Fantastic entertainment. Zaine Kennedy, another Aussie entertainer, well deserved his second place in the final. Rode the outside well, but also used other lines throughout the evening. This overall was a meeting worth while attending with some young riders taking on some more established fellas with experience of the track and showing some real potential!

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