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To all in the play offs

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Its that time of the season again and to all in the play offs may the best team win. For me as a Poole fan i hope its us but lets hope that all the meetings are great to watch and will be well received by any new viewer on Tv.

We all have our favourites and teams we like to have a pop at, but and its a big but, Speedway in GB is at a real crossroads, we do not need any teams to close we need a few more to come in and make the product more marketable. 

The sport needs new blood and a new identity to do that all parties need to work in unison rather than having their own agenda , it can still be a great sport to watch and the thrills and spills will never be replaced.

To the riders we wish them all the best. to the fans support your team but support speedway. To the Promoters you may only have this chance to make some needed changes do it for the good of the sport as a whole, look at the bigger picture, You will get the backing of the fans if the right decisions are made.




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