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What must 2019 bring (speak now or forever hold your peace)

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So the Championship teams (Second division whatever the BSPA come up with) in 2019.

Lakeside : Does not look likely to be running, could be at a new venue or Rye House?

Workington: Very little chance of running, will need a big cash injection. The stadium looks to have a limited run of about three years?

Peterborough: Up for sale but  been bought already according to reports.

Glasgow : Running in 2019 but has run up a six figure loss.

Redcar: Up for sale?

Edinburgh: Looks Likely to be running but from reports has a limited run at its present location.

Ipswich: Everything is good and seems set to run.

Sheffield: Similar to Ipswich.

Berwick: Up for sale.

Scunthorpe: Threatened to pull out last year if I remember correctly but seem set to run next year.

Newcastle: Definite to run in 2019.


Apologies in advance for any errors but does not make for good reading.

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aye  , ,we are doomed  i say , doomed . (joke, tic, banter and craic )


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15 hours ago, jenga said:

aye  , ,we are doomed  i say , doomed . (joke, tic, banter and craic )


Edited for accuracy, However

There is a great deal of goodwill running through this sport, so its not all doom and gloom...

I for one will be fascinated to see what comes out of this AGM but regretfully feel that nothing will change much, I would honestly like to think it will,

Its no secret that I am a big fan of 6 man teams (or 5 at a push) I would like to see something radical come out of this AGM but like many have stated on here I also doubt we will see anything other than the usual tinkering around the edges.

Will there will be 7 or 8 teams in a top league with 8 to 14 teams in a second division, (who knows) 

We wait with anticipation on the official press release telling us how productive the meeting was and how promotions will pull together to save the sport and then no doubt I like others will moan my "nether regions off" at what is being proposed.

However one always lives in eternal hope


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Edited for accuracy
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