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4 hours ago, hyderd said:

Agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, I also get "is that still going" from where I work apart from 1 guy who does go when work etc allows. My congestion point was not Kirky lane, but the outer surrounding area. Regent Rd gridlocked (roadworks) A6 Stockport slow traffic (roadworks) M57/A57 slow moving traffic,(normal congestion) as for Oldham Rd and Rochdale Rd I guess pretty much the same, so anyone going to the meeting on Monday night or Thursday night who live outside of M19 need to finish work early, which is not always possible and must have some impact on our attendance

Blimey HR, you sound like my Citeh mates explaining why the Emptihad is never full...:D

"Road works outside McVities" is usually the main one...

Or. ..

"They've changed the traffic light priority fazing on Mount Rd"..:D

Hear what your'e saying mate and I am sure 'start time' and the 'night of running' does lessen the crowd level, but I would say it prevents people from going far less than, as currently, the vast majority of the Mancunian populace not having a clue who The (World Famous) Belle Vue Aces are, and what they do...

Stockport County can get 3000 - 4000 on a Tuesday night, six miles away, and we know United and City get tens of thousands any evening they play, so there is a huge appetite for 'live sport' in quite probably the No1 'sporting conurbation' in the country..

It just appears the appetite for Speedway is just not there...


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