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1980s junior leagues

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Im trying to complete fixture and results for the 1981 Anglia Junior league whereby i understand 7 teams were involved. K.Lynn, Ipswich, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Rye House, Mildenhall and my home team Peterborough.

I've managed to find dates and results for Peterborough's matches against kings Lynn and Rye House, but not the others. Could anyone please help?

Also likewise with the 1979 junior league. Would anyone have any possible fixture dates and match results please?

I would also be very interested to find out if Peterborough were involved in any other junior leagues between 1979-1990. I know they had a junior team in 1983, but I have an inkling that they may also have had a team in 1985?

If anyone can provide any information, then i would be extremely grateful.

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1979 League table

1 King's Lynn  12  9  1  2  124 88  19

2 Rye House  12  6  2  4  111 193 14

3 Leicester    12  6  1  5  112 97  11

4 Mildenhall  12  4  3  5  98 107  11

5 Peterborough 15  5  7  107 108  10

6 Milton Keynes 12  4  2  6  91 119  10

7 Ipswich 12  3  1  8  97 108  7

Home results, sorry no dates

P'Borough v Ipswich 10-8,   P'Borough v King's Lynn 8-10,    P'Borough v Leicester 7-11, P'Borough v Mildenhall 12-6,  P'Borough v M Keynes 14-3.  P'Borough v Rye H 13-5.

As I don't want to clog up the forum, please contact me by e mail kkkcdyer@aol.com for the rest of the results, and further info re .averages etc.


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