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What book are you reading and would recommend?

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The Guvnor by Lennie Mclean. Quality. 

Roy Shaws book is pretty good too. 

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12 hours ago, DC2 said:

It’s certainly an eye-opener.

I don’t remember ever be asked at school what my parents did.  School seems not merely to place no value in that but to have absolutely no interest in it.

Imagine a lad who wants to follow in a parent’s footsteps as farmer, baker, potter, shopkeeper or car mechanic.  School has no interest in that and consequently he and his family might equally have no interest in school!

We do need as a society to reassess the value offered by the many different skills and professions and to encourage staying in your community and taking part as much as going to university and moving on.

Judging by today's headlines there appears to be some movement, although we've heard it before, in putting more emphasise on training and/or apprenticeships rather than people thinking that going to university is an absolute must. Employers must also change their way of thinking in that they presently only consider someone with a degree for what are often, in essence, quite mundane jobs...like a guide at a museum! My friend's  nineteen year old son has just landed a job with a nationwide building contractor that includes having access to a company car and travel expenses and all by not going to university.

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11 hours ago, DC2 said:

Is there anything in SATS and key stages about being a farmer, baker, potter, shopkeeper or a car mechanic, or any GCSEs for those?

Don't know anything about SATS or GCSE's I don't teach them. I can only speak from my own experience working with SEN.

Baking comes under HE and years back when I did teach in mainstream there was definitely a car mechanics class and we did pottery. Farming gets covered in Geography.

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