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11 hours ago, Halifaxtiger said:

I think you are wasting your time here.

You and your pals have been attending Plymouth Speedway for years. You have worked in the track, raised funds for the club, sponsored riders and the team and travelled all over the country to watch the Devils. Few can match that and, lets face it, that's the kind of supporter every club wants and needs.

In all those years, not a word has been said about your behaviour.  Its nonsense to suggest that you have turned into a foul mouthed sexist overnight, but that's precisely the reason for you and others being barred. I find it hard to believe that anyone is so naïve that they actually believe that. 

Truth is you have been barred because you have been vocally critical and, far, far worse, a lot of others agree with you. If you were alone, you'd be laughed at. You're not. 

Personally speaking, I think meeting with the promotion will be an utter waste of time - and they are not interested in talking to people around you because that will blow apart the reason for the ban -  because they have flat denied that anything is wrong. What precisely will be achieved if that is the attitude that you will face ? 


Thank you.       But when false accusations have been made you have to say something , all this finger pointing with out facts! plus what they have said is on the point of defamation.

Those that started this vented attack should be ashamed.

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