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Nice 2valve challenge IOW 11th july

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Can a machine be invented or modified to produce the old "smell of speedway"? People's sense of smell is probably the most influential of the senses in becoming "hooked" on something and to my knowledge the present day bikes don't emit enough of that magic aroma, maybe because the fuel used is more synthetic now?

I'm not talking about modifying the bikes here, but placing devices strategically around the stadium to pump out the aroma that used to get people hooked by their thousands.

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On ‎7‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 7:49 AM, cityrebel said:

That is a scandalous decision from Godfrey, kick the IOW promotion in the nuts like he did Lakeside and Workington last year. No wonder British speedway is on its knees. Self interest governs the sport in this country.

You're right, although my understanding is that this wasn't just Rob Godfrey.

The only reason I can see for the withdrawal of riders is spite provoked by vicious jealousy. BSPA members (or some of them) simply don't change :angry:

I can just imagine certain Championship promoters - faced with near wall to wall criticism, empty terraces, an underperforming team and mounting losses - viewing as absolutely intolerable the equally wall to wall praise that Isle of Wight receive, the situation then being made worse by them landing a unique meeting - and which of us wouldn't want to see a similar event at our track - backed by one of the worlds biggest speedway sponsors. 

The worst thing, though, is that this isn't just about Isle of Wight. 

What the BSPA should have done is pulled out all the stops for this meeting, making riders available, waiving guest fees and even possibly assisting with costs.  We are talking about the involvement of a company that apparently provide several million euros sponsorship in Poland and the chance of making a favourable impression and getting them involved over here was an opportunity not to be missed.

Instead they did precisely the opposite and tried to sabotage the event. Shameful isn't the word. :angry:

My understanding is that NICE were impressed with what they saw, but I am sure we can guess at what they thought of the decision to withdraw riders literally a couple of days before the meeting took place without adequate reasoning and by a senior member of the BSPA at that. 

I would agree with your view about Rob Godfrey, and not for the first time he has shown that he is unfit to be a member of the organisation that promotes our sport in this country. 

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