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Here is the complete Ray Tarrant Sidecar Memorial meeting of November 2, 2019, at Palmerston North.


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I went to the Sidecar Gold Cup Meeting at Moore Park in Christchurch. 16 Sidecars in a 20 Heat format then a Semi and Final.

Great racing on the new shaped track. Passing in almost every race. Congratulations to the people that did all the work that has gone on in the winter months.

Good field with three North Island Combos. Final won by the 29I sidecar but the Rose brothers from Wanganui were the standout with four wins and a machine failure while leading in the qualifying heats. Then they were the innocent party in a nasty crash in the final and raced a borrowed bike in the rerun.


2nd Round of the Gold Cup at Oreti Park Invercargill on Sunday. 

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Biggest event for the sidecars in New Zealand this season

is the Australasian Sidecar Speedway Championship

staged over two rounds at Christchurch and at Ivercargill early next year.

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The competitors are already nominated, there are six of the best from Australia and ten of the best from New Zealand

1 Warren Monson/Andrew Summerhayes (VIC)
2 Darren Treloar/Blake Cox (NSW)
3 Brodie Cohen/Simon Coors (QLD)
4 Mark Mitchell/Tony Carter (SA)
5 Rick Howse/Adam Commons (NSW)
6 Hayden Bond/Brady Cox (NSW)

1 Dave Gannon/Daryl Pearce
2 Jaime Moohan/Bailey Ogilvie
3 James Douglas/Harley Biddle
4 Andrew Buchanan/Denny Cox
5 Paul Humphrey/Chris Chatfield
6 Luke Thwaites/Neville Chalmers
7 Bradley Sharpe/Lance Jefcoate
8 Dylan Moohan/Sean Mason
9 Jason Kennedy/Johnny Casey
10 Aiden Thwaites/Shane Twiss

Reserve 1 Bryce Rose/Aaron Rose
Reserve 2 Pete Stephens/Dylan Fox
Reserve 3 Wayne Bryce/Stefan Burrows


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New Zealand's national sidecar championship at Gisborne this Weekend (Jan.17/18/19) was unfortunately completely rained-off (re-staging date t.b.a.)

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Results of the 2020 Australasian Sidecar Speedway Championship rounds, won by the Australians Darrin Treloar & Blake Cox


Round 1 - Moore Park Speedway, Christchurch, NZ (January 26, 2020)  


1. Darrin Treloar / Blake Cox (Australia)

2. Rick Howse / Adam Commons (Australia)

3. Andrew Buchanan / Denny Cox (New Zealand)

4. Brodie Cohen / Simon Cohrs (Australia)


Round 2 - Oreti Park Speedway, Invercargill, NZ (February 1, 2020)


1. Darrin Treloar / Blake Cox (Australia)

2. James Douglas / Harley Biddle (New Zealand)

3. Warren Monson / Andrew Summerhayes (Australia)

4. Rick Howse / Adam Commons (Australia) 


YouTube Video of the Oreti Park A-final



P.S.: New Zealander Andrew Buchanan had a nasty accident at yesterday's event at Oreti Park. Andrew has fractured four vertebrae. Fortunately, these are stable fractures, and he has full movement and feeling. He has two broken ribs and concussion, but is expected to make a full recoverey from his injuries. 



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