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Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

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20 minutes ago, iris123 said:

See, you make yourself look a right idiot.....you stated one post from Espressen was pro-lockdown, when there was absolutely nothing pro-lockdown in it. It even had block capitals as a headline which proved it and you can't even understand it when it is highlighted. I asked you to show which part if pro-lokdown. It wouldn't have been hard as it was just 4 posts above your nonsense......but of course you failed to :party:

But is he now an ''official idiot'' ? We need to know...;)

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1 minute ago, Blupanther said:

But is he now an ''official idiot'' ? We need to know...;)

An official liar.....after that nothing else matters

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Stats unfortunately jumping up. The measures probably, as some of the experts and journalists have stated are coming very late...

Sweden is now approaching 200,000 confirmed cases of covid-19.

During Tuesday's press conference, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says that the number of infected continues to increase in percentage.

- We are still in a serious situation, says Tegnell

Another 61 people have been reported dead with covid-19 in Sweden, according to the latest figures from the Swedish Public Health Agency. A total of 6,225 people in Sweden have died from the coronavirus so far.

At the same time, the number of patients in the country's intensive care units is gradually increasing.

- It also has an impact on how many people die in covid-19. It is very clear that we have an increase there as well, even though we are not at all up to the very high levels we had last spring, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

It is "extremely important" that Sweden continues to follow the restrictions, says Tegnell.

- We have to level out this curve.

He adds, however, that there are "certain tendencies" for development to begin to slow down after stricter rules have been introduced in most parts of Sweden.

Tegnell: We are awaiting the current school

The press conference was held the day after the government announced that it proposes a new maximum limit for general gatherings of eight people, from 24 November.

During the press conference, several questions arose regarding the proposed new restrictions, and whether sports for children, and primary and secondary schools, may be affected in the future.

- We need clarity from the Government Offices and the police. In order not to create more confusion, we are now waiting until everyone has come in, says Tegnell.

- You have to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages, but it is an ongoing discussion and we get where we land. Quite a lot of the spread of infection seems to be due to meeting outside the school, in social contexts. Then it is important to get to grips with both parts.

"There are no good studies on masks"

Anders Tegnell also downplays reports that the WHO has said that Sweden should introduce oral protection.

- It is a misinterpretation. They say what they have been saying all along: That it can be a good complement, he says and continues:

- There are no good studies when it comes to mouth protection. We continue to follow the issue and have a dialogue with regions. If there are situations where mouth protection would help, we will suggest it, but so far no such situations have emerged.

The cinema quarrel continues - do not know what applies

Yesterday's announcement from the government made Filmstaden, formerly SF Bio, get ready to close its cinemas.

When Anders Tegnell later denied that this would apply to cinemas, he was reprimanded by Interior Minister Mikael Damberg's press secretary.

During Tuesday's press conference, Anders Tegnell was once again asked what it is that applies, but could not answer either.

- We talk to our lawyers, they can interpret the legislation. We have no sure answer. 

To Expressen he says: 

- I do not say more about it. I get different information from different lawyers. So now I wait until they have gathered. 

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3 minutes ago, iris123 said:

An official liar.....after that nothing else matters

Great track that, especially the version with Marianne Faithfull... :)

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Some Swedish experts on the possible Boris situation, though not specific on BoJo

There have been reports of so-called double infections - people who are infected more than once.

And when the coronavirus has been ravaging for more than six months, there is a risk that immunity will decline.

- It is not surprising that some people get sick several times, says Fredrik Sund, infection doctor at the University Hospital in Uppsala.

There has been talk of herd immunity as a strategy - but also in the long run as a rescue and a way to control the corona.

But the only thing the experts agree on is that we do not know enough about the coronavirus to establish anything. However, it is believed that a vaccine is important to push back the infection.

- It will be very urgent. It is only when we have developed it that we can begin to live normally again. There is an entire population that has stayed away from infection. All of us who have tried to isolate ourselves - and succeeded quite well with it - we will never be released until a vaccine arrives, says Annika Linde, former state epidemiologist.

Mass vaccination

But it will take time to mass vaccinate a society, believes epidemiology professor Tove Fall. And before the elderly population is asked to take a vaccine, expert authorities must make their assessment of the vaccine. This means that it can take time. 

That is why there is now a lot of talk about immunity.

- For other similar viruses, it is seen that the immunity is around a year or so. For this virus, we do not know what "average immunity" is, but we can certainly not expect it to be longer. Everyone longs and hopes for a safe and effective vaccine, says Tove Fall.

Double infection

It is relatively rare, but there have been reports of people being infected twice with covid-19. According to Fredrik Sund, it is not surprising.

He also believes that there is a danger in that, because people can then "think that I have antibodies, I can behave how I want". 

- And that's not correct. Because we currently know how it works, because it may be that that person is one of the few, and then you can infect quite a few if you behave like that. Now it has been 7-8 months from the first cases, and then there is a risk that immunity decreases and the risk of new infection is possible, says Sund. 

He sees a working vaccine as "one of the few measures" that would make us get rid of the pandemic. 

And there are signs that a vaccine is on its way. US Pfizer says they have a 90 percent effective vaccine - Russia claims their Sputnik V is 92 percent effective. 

- Vaccines are possibly perfect medicines that you can take immediately when you become ill, and in this way people can get immunity throughout society. That is what will stop this pandemic, says Fredrik Sund. 

- It is a dream come true. 

New positive vaccine announcement: "It is gratifying"

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From Aftonbladet. A view of how trade has been affected by Covid

ESKILSTUNA. "New nightmare figures for Swedish traders", TT trumpeted yesterday morning.

But Bernt Skoog, one of Sweden's last tailors, 50 years in the industry, does not need to read the newspaper to update himself on the situation.

He runs a men's tailors in Eskilstuna . Sales fell 80 percent in the spring and had just begun to recover decently when the Sörmland region last week struggled with new restrictions and, among other things, asked people not to visit stores

- I had already budgeted with halved sales in November and December. We make it through the year, but then?

The wasteland next to Fristadskyrkan is messy, windy and fenced. Maybe something sensible should be built.

It's morning in a medium - sized Swedish city and three weeks ago wages and life appear as sad as the grayish November weather.

An outlet on Kungsgatan attracts with total sales and a 75 percent discount. Burger King has struck again. "The rent was 170,000 a month," sighs a man in the shop next door.

Nothing was sold

Mäster Skoog, the store has been around since 1981, is now closed on Mondays, money must be saved, but the tailor lives nearby and comes in and opens.

- In this industry, you buy goods six months in advance. So I made big purchases last summer. Then came the corona in March and nothing was sold.

Light blue shirt, braces, polka dot scarf. Bernt Skoog is dressed as I imagine a 71-year-old tailor should be dressed.

The store, about 90 square meters, is cramped. Costumes, jackets, shirts. The women's department invests in wedding dresses.

- My daughter has worked here for 20 years. I want her to take over. But I'm also a parent. Do I want my child to try to run a loss-making business?

Some young people are shouting outside the window. Old aunts rock at a leisurely pace. Stadium, one of all these chains, will close soon. 20 percent off everything.

Out-of-town shopping, e-commerce. The last thing the Swedish city centers needed was a pandemic and politicians here and epidemiologists there who exhort and restrict and issue recommendations.

Göran Persson stepped in

Now we face Black Friday and Christmas shopping. Two of the most important events of the year. In that situation, the spread of infection is picking up speed again and region after region is appealing for people to stay at home.

Skoog has flown up on the counter next to the cash register. Sitting in a tailor's position. He started in a factory, but a friend applied for training with a focus on sewing and he got hooked.

It was 1969. Erlander would resign a few months later as Prime Minister. Palme, young, impatient, hungry, waiting to take over.

Three years later, Bernt Skoog had a companion letter and a medal in his hand.

- There are maybe ten tailors left in Sweden. The cemetery is full of irreplaceable people, I have no illusions that I am so important, but I think something will be missing when we have disappeared.

He has customers who travel all the way from Stockholm. Once Göran Persson came in and ordered a custom-made suit. "We were schoolmates in Vingåker".

Two employees. One of them became pregnant and has disappeared on maternity leave.

- It was lucky for us. I have my pension and do not need much money, but a salary less was an important saving.

Bernt Skoog talks fast and intensely. Sighs that he has mundirarré. Do not mind, some are easier to interview than others.

- The politicians could have helped our industry with subsidized rent. As it is now, we are left to the goodwill of the hosts.

The property owner has agreed to defer the rent. But sooner or later it must be paid

The city's second men's repair collapsed last year. According to a survey carried out by the lively local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren, 40 premises are empty in the center.

The press loves to swing with dramatic words. "Shop death" is one of them. Maybe it's a term that well describes what we are witnessing.

Seen more than in Stockholm

Maybe what is going on is redevelopment and adjustment and something new that is about to be born and possibly central Eskilstuna and other cities after convulsions and pain will once again have a center with life and energy.

Stockholm is the hardest hit by the pandemic. 23 percent of the population, 40 percent of this year's bankruptcies are figures that say most of what we need to know

But the capital is large and all these closures and tragedies are not noticeable in the street scene. In Eskilstuna, we do not have to walk many meters to find a business that has collapsed.

- For every store that closes on Kungsgatan, the number of people who come here decreases. It also affects me, sighs the tailor.

- And it took two years to rebuild and spruce up the street. Two years! There we lost even more.

Niklas Edmark, business director in Eskilstuna, young, energetic, a new generation, works from home today.

Residential area in the neighboring town of Strängnäs. The nearest neighbors are some emigrated Stockholmers.

- I think we will see more of it in the future. Takes only half an hour by train to Stockholm, he says with an optimism I recognize from myself as AIK leads with two goals in the 85th minute.

Swish and wealth

It's drizzle. He greets the corona with his elbow.

- One thing the municipality can do is build housing centrally. Which we also do. Few people live there.

I point out that it took forever to rebuild Kungsgatan. And now Drottninggatan will be fixed.

- There are certainly lessons to be learned.

The cell phone beeps. Stefan Löfven, another five ministers and the Secretary General of the Public Health Agency will hold a press conference. New, heavy restrictions on the way.

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Just saying on tv now that scientists in the US are currently working on a Covid cough app. You just have to cough into your mobile and it will be able to tell if you have Covid or not !!! No more need for tests......:unsure:

See the Beeb have already done an article on it...


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5 hours ago, Blupanther said:

Asking questions is not an answer to mine though is it, plus you lost me when you mentioned ''leeches''. Maybe you should actually do your own research, but i'll leave this here to get you started...



You either have difficulty in assmilating what was stated in these third party articles or you are deliberately distorting the reporting in the links :rolleyes:

No mention by Moderna being engaged in research into ‘transhumanism’ & how artificial intelligence can be incorporated into human beings." as you had stated.

Likewise Klaus Schwabe, apart from being mentioned  in a different WEF link you quote, you have still failed to prove any alleged association with Moderna.

Afraid most of the stuff you spout on here is about as reliable as Joseph Goebbels or Comical Ali's  press releases were:P

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3 hours ago, Blupanther said:

Shame it won't be Anne, because Charles is batsh@t crazy ...

I have to say that I have no problems with Charles.

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38 minutes ago, iris123 said:

Just saying on tv now that scientists in the US are currently working on a Covid cough app. You just have to cough into your mobile and it will be able to tell if you have Covid or not !!! No more need for tests......:unsure:

Next thing, there'll be an app for exploding head syndrome... :rolleyes:

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Just now, chunky said:

Next thing, there'll be an app for exploding head syndrome... :rolleyes:

That might explain why DC2 and BWitcher disappeared for a while :D

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Johnson has tested negative but he's still going to self isolate.

You couldn't make this $hit up:rofl:

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6 hours ago, DC2 said:

I don’t know if it’s nonsense but it’s like a lot of other factors which presume Covid as the instigator.

It would be interesting to see whether colds, diarrhoea, flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia and ME figures have been at their normal levels this year or whether they have been taken over by “Covid”.

The unreliable PCR test is definitely capable of instigating misdiagnosis, that's certainly the case in how deaths are recorded. I saw a new 'study' today that suggested dog walking can increase your chances of catching it, its just getting more absurd by the day.

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1 minute ago, Crumpet78 said:

I saw a new 'study' today that suggested dog walking can increase your chances of catching it, its just getting more absurd by the day.

As an expert on the English language, it's a good thing I'm here! I'm sure that none of you ever realised that an anagram of "study" is "f*cking guess"... :t:

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51 minutes ago, iris123 said:

That might explain why DC2 and BWitcher disappeared for a while :D

It’s certainly like banging my head against a brick wall with you! :P

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