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Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

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6 minutes ago, Blupanther said:

Two ladies from mother in laws care home admitted to hospital last week after falls. Both tested negative initially, both have now tested positive after nearly in week in hospital, both over 80 and have no symptoms. Make of that what you will ...

Apparently that accounts for more than 50% of Covid deaths in hospitals, people who went in without Covid, contracted it there and died.

Had non-Covid wards been safe we would have had 20,000 hospital deaths instead of 40,000!

And had care homes been quarantined we would have had only 20,000 “Covid deaths” in total, not 60,000.

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42 minutes ago, Crumpet80 said:

NHS statistics show that apart from a small handful, all hospitals are currently quieter than this time last year. Where were you actually walking around to see all these patients Sue ?

Dad was on three different wards plus also went in via A&E.

The walking around part was the quietest bit due to visiting being suspended and that was between his various wards, the coffee shop and the exit. 

The other indicator was that the meeting between the medical examiner and the doctors involved in dad's care was delayed due to either his team having to self isolate due to exposure to Covid (not via dad) or being too busy as they had been redeployed to cover for the isolating medical staff.

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Debenhams going to the wall. Definitely still worth it to protect the eternally vulnerable NHS. How many in the nightingales at the moment anyone? I hope the Tories see sense and vote this tier nonsense down

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Masks work... :rofl:


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12 minutes ago, Blupanther said:

Masks work... :rofl:


The headline---> Lewis Hamilton : Formula 1 champion tests positive for Coronavirus.

Sub headline---> Lewis Hamilton will miss this weekend's Sakhir grand prix.............................after testing positive for Covid-19.

The MSM really are scum.


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4 minutes ago, Crumpet80 said:

Michael Cove citing an NHS bed occupancy rate of 88% as evidence that tough new Covid tiers are needed. This time last year, the occupancy rate was 94.9%. 


Every year hospitals come under pressure in the winter. The MSM can't wait to to get their reporters on site, talking to patients about delays, staff about the pressures etc.

We're told that hospitals are crammed and in danger of being overwhelmed this year. Strange that reporters aren't on site showing the chaos.

Come to think of it, to the best of my knowledge, no trusts have announced a 'critical incident' lately.

Strange that.


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In all my 6+ decades I've never heard a medic describe a cold or the flu as being asymptomatic.

Clever bugger this Covid-19.


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Lewis Hamilton has broken his “devastating” Covid news to his fans, ending his message “Stay Positive”.  :D

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1 hour ago, Blupanther said:

Masks work... :rofl:

Sounds like he caught it from a 'friend' if you read between the lines...

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6 hours ago, DC2 said:

Who’s getting confused, me, you or Hancock?

You quote or say:

“you find people who have the virus who may not know it yet.”

“until mass testing also identifies asymptomatic cases in a targeted population, that any infection will continue to spread & infect others.”

Which is it?

Is testing finding the asymptomatic cases (i.e. those “who may not know it yet”) or not?

And is it finding those in the first five days of infection that PCR tests couldn’t previously detect (hence the quarantine rules for returning flight passengers)?

If it’s finding neither asymptomatic cases nor those within the first five days of infection, it’s no more use than it ever was!



Quoting selected parts out of context, as you do to justify your pov,  is misleading.

Comprehension is obviously not your strong point, so perhaps you are unable to link that "people who have the virus who may not know it yet"  are asymptomatic and mass testing is intended to identify these, along with those already exhibiting cv19 symptoms.

Personally I prefer to believe those who are experienced in epidemiology, rather than the likes of yourselves who think they know better than the professionals.

Some of the  covidiot/conspiracy/anti-vaccine  cranks on here call Hancock a "clown" whilst acting as mindless know-alls themselves, so they should not be surprised if others label them as "vacuous buffoons", not be taken seriously.



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