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Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

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2 hours ago, Humphrey Appleby said:


Even if you take a benign view that it's just an inept response to an unfolding (potential) humanitarian disaster, you know lessons still won't be learned. The possibility of global pandemics has been known and studied for decades (and God knows there were enough disaster films in the 70s and 80s about it), and even what sort of specific responses could be made to protect the most vulnerable. For example, there was a study and recommendations made only about 5 years ago with respect to care homes, which was completely ignored when the time came to implement it, and continued to be ignored for months afterwards.

I think it’s beyond dispute that we should have been much better prepared in the light of the SARS / Bird flu outbreak of 15 years ago or whenever it was . Because a time it didn’t reach the U.K. we somehow thought these things “ wouldn’t happen to us “, hence when Covid came along we were far worse prepared then countries that suffered SARS badly. We just spent the money on other things.


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2 hours ago, E I Addio said:

It is known that asymptomatic cases can spread the virus . What is not clear is whether vaccination prevents transmission of the virus. That being the case it seems to me to be reasonable to take the fail safe position and assume vaccinations do not prevent transmission until we know otherwise especially as we are likely to know the answer in the fairly near future.

As for the conspiracy theory that governments everywhere want more powers, the problem I have with that is that firstly it would mean not just the governments but also collusion by all the opposition parties, and investigative journalists. The second problem I have with it , is that once any conspiracy involving more than a small handful of people invariably leaks out. The third problem I have with it is that governments in general find mostly beyond their ability to organise anything legitimately on a large scale , so I find it difficult to see how they could do it in a clandestine way. Both Blair and May though they could get away with by passing parliamentary scrutiny and both got caught out.

I've yet to see it confirmed that asymptomatic cases spread the virus or if they do just how much. I've seen it said that it's likely but that's about all, however I have seen it confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine reduces transmission from asymptomatic cases by 75% so presumably that information must be available as fact somewhere.

Not so much a conspiracy theory as I'm not saying the government did this to gain control just that Governments throughout history have been reluctant to relinquish any power they have gained. The investigative journalists give every appearance of all but having disappeared when covid is the subject.

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The Isle of Man back into lockdown.

It's never going to end...

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2 hours ago, dontforgetthefueltapsbruv said:

If the vaccine doesnt stop you getting the virus and doesnt stop you spreading it then it could be argued what does it do?


Of course it will be said that it reduces the severity of symptoms, need for hospital care and deaths. For 95% of the population however those issues are irrelevant ....

Indeed if someone would normally have mild symptoms then having the vaccine from the description of impact may well make them asymptomatic and therefore less easy to prevent transmission ....

My understanding is that the vaccine prevents many cases but makes symptoms less severe and others. It’s not just a question of mild symptoms. One of the problems with Covid is that there is a whole cocktail of symptoms, which don’t affect everyone and they change. I’ve just come through a really severe bout of Covid and the only reason I wasn’t hospitalised was because my breathing wasn’t affected in the early stages and I had no underlying conditions. I can assure you the symptoms were a long way from being mild. I’ve never felt so ill in my life.  It’s not like flu at all , but because I didn’t go into hospital or GP there is no real record of it except for the fact that I had a positive test , which tells you very little. On the other hand my daughter who lives in the same house had very minor symptoms for about two days.

The point I am making is that what vaccines are going to do, apart from reducing hospitalisations is stop masses of people needing to take long spells off work.

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Sanity is pushing back ...

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has just stated that all Covid-19 mask mandates are ending tomorrow, and ALL businesses can resume at 100% capacity.

Meanwhile in the UK, some people are still hiding under the kitchen table...:rolleyes:


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24 minutes ago, Vince said:


Not so much a conspiracy theory as I'm not saying the government did this to gain control just that Governments throughout history have been reluctant to relinquish any power they have gained. 

I’m not sure that’s true. In many ways people have more freedom and more platforms on which to express themselves ,now than they have ever had.  Whether they use that freedom wisely is a different matter. 

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Just now, E I Addio said:

I’m not sure that’s true. In many ways people have more freedom and more platforms on which to express themselves ,now than they have ever had.  Whether they use that freedom wisely is a different matter. 

Yeah, a see where your going with that one,,, people can do much more stuff from the comfort of their armchair these days. Theres less need to go outside to do stuff,  who would wanna go outside anyway, its dirty. ;)

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1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

Well had my jab yesterday...woke up at 1-00am and couldn't get back to sleep feeling shivery. Suffering with a headache but other than that fine! :t:

That sounds exactly like my mum. She couldn't sleep, was shivery and had headache. Took a couple of days before she felt better

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Today’s UK Hospital Covid 19 reported deaths

England  204       83733

Scotland    35  (7371)

Wales   12   (5356)

NI   4   (2063)

Total   255     - last  Wednesday 364

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11 hours ago, iris123 said:

Of course I hope you are right, but Sweden have the third week in a row a rise of 10% in cases, and according to the tele the WHO have just announced after 6 weeks of falling off a worldwide rise of 7% in cases....

Corona infection is rampant in Stockholm and the number of covid patients who need hospital care is increasing.

Now the Stockholm Region announces that the third wave is here - and that no one is safe.

- In the last three weeks, the number of confirmed cases has in principle increased by 100 percent, says Johan Bratt, acting director of health and medical care.

After New Year, the number of infected decreased. Now the trend is broken and the infection is increasing significantly in Stockholm . Acting Director of Health Johan Bratt says that it has in principle increased by 100 percent in the last three weeks.

- Now we are also starting to see a small increase in the number of patients with covid-19 who are so seriously ill that they are in need of hospital care. The care now ensures that everyone who is in need of acute and necessary care should receive it even if the number of patients with covid-19 increases again, says Johan Bratt.

During a press conference on Wednesday, he states that the third wave has reached the capital.

- We have a third wave of infection spread here, it is here now, he says.

- I take the situation seriously. We do not want to see a situation where it increases sharply. Healthcare workers have been struggling for over a year, they have done a fantastic job.

He also warns that even young people can be hit very hard by the virus.

- No one is completely safe, and we still do not know exactly who will suffer from a more difficult course of the disease.

Spring weather may be behind the spread

Recent spring temperatures may be one of the reasons why the infection is increasing. It appears in Stockholm County Administrative Board's latest report.

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Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von 1 Person und Text „Albert Lee @AlbertLee2020 Having a vaccinated governor decide to completely reopen Texas is like having a bunch of millionaire senators decide you don't need $15/hr. They can see the harm it would cause, it just won't affect them.“

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4 hours ago, Badge said:

Sadly DC your view of people is obviously different to mine,  as it seems to me that everything has to be geared to the lowest common denominator,  as common sense is found lacking. 

To set the record straight I've had it up to here with this malarkey and can't wait to have some semblance of freedom back. 

Gearing everything to the lowest common denominator penalises the vast majority of decent people.

And on a different matter that’s exactly what lockdowns do to the vast majority of people, who could never be seriously affected by Covid.

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An eugenicist masquerading as a Microsoft entrepreneur...

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Seems despite all Blu's attempts to tell us otherwise, the pandemic has hit Sweden hard, not only in the health system, but also economically

Now it is the turn of the Swedish Cinema industry to protest

The pandemic has hit cinemas all over the Nordic region hard. In Sweden, values for billions have gone up in smoke when most cinemas were closed and a maximum of eight people per salon were allowed.

What if it has been completely unnecessary?

"We have had over 1.6 million cinema visitors in Finland during the pandemic. The number of infected people who could be traced to a cinema is 0"

As a German study of the Dortmund Concert Hall in November 2020, carried out by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in collaboration with the German Federal Environment Agency. It showed that if the audience sits down in a so-called "checkerboard pattern" and there is adequate ventilation, the risk of infection spreading is close to zero inside the concert hall, which Koistinen believes is comparable to a cinema

The restrictions vary

Cinemas have been more or less open in the Nordic countries during the pandemic, with restrictions of various kinds. For example, domestic "Another Round" was seen by over 700,000 Danes last autumn, but now the Danish cinemas are completely closed. The notion that it is not risky to go to the cinema, if you use smart booking systems and have good ventilation, recur in many places in the industry. This is something that, for example, Peter Fornstam, CEO of Svenska Bio, has repeated as a mantra throughout the pandemic.

- Of course we want people to be safe in the cinemas, there should be restrictions until the pandemic has subsided. But we have in practice been banned from working for a year now and if you look at our Nordic neighbors, their spread of infection has been lower but we have had stricter restrictions, so it can hardly be where the shoe squeezes, says Peter Fornstam.

What does the Swedish Public Health Agency say then ? In a report from December 2020, they write: "We found no reports of infection in connection with theater or cinema visits, which may be due to introduced restrictions. It can also be affected by the fact that theater and cinema usually involve sitting in a reserved place and little interaction with others. in the audience. "

Tegnell: The virus is unpredictable

But state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell does not want to agree that it would be completely risk-free to go to the cinema.

- No, you have to remember that this virus is very unpredictable. We have seen that some cruise ships were hit very hard by the spread of infection, but most were not affected. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to say it can not happen in cinemas, he says and continues:

- The most important thing is that you sit in a fixed place some distance from each other, above all not directed towards each other. In that way, cinemas have an advantage, but it is about the same conditions as in theaters and sports arenas. There is nothing to say that you can vent the virus.

Anders Tegnell is aware of the research that has been done in Germany.

- But the problem is that you can watch ninety cinemas where the virus does not spread and then still get the spread of infection in the ninety-first cinema.

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