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Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

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13 minutes ago, iris123 said:

Of course. We are all ignoring your scare tactics. You try to say others are bed wetters, but we ain’t bothered, no matter what you post on here from strange groups. I had a pretty good day so far, even if I have stopped at all the red lights and followed the arrows :party:

Not me!

Went into a shop in town and when we'd done shopping there tried to get out of the other door. It wouldn't open, it was the entrance.

Rebels that we're now becoming we'd gone in through the exit. 

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1 hour ago, Vincent Blachshadow said:

Not me!

Went into a shop in town and when we'd done shopping there tried to get out of the other door. It wouldn't open, it was the entrance.

Rebels that we're now becoming we'd gone in through the exit. 

I know what you mean. We were out in Leamington Spa shopping last weekend and following the arrows as you do and as went to go into the shop the arrow took you to a door that said exit only. We just stood there not knowing what to do - looking at each other with vacant expressions on our faces! I would never have bothered about this 18 months ago and wouldn't have given a toss! What have I a become? I think Blu is absolutely right to be worried!! ;)

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1 hour ago, Blupanther said:

Absolutely, it's a subject my ND regularly talks about and how the problem can be easily cured...

I'm one of those who chooses to go without some sleep in order to do the things I want to do. I know full well the potential effects but just like almost everything else it's a compromise that needs a conscious decision. 

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Folk can't even follow arrows on a road, let alone roundabouts and, they're meant to have passed a test,,, how on earth are folk meant to follow arrows in a shop?,,, shopping licence maybe. ;)

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Here’s the BBC getting it wrong again:

“At PMQs, Mr Johnson also repeated his warning that people should not be holidaying in amber list countries. This includes France, Spain and Greece.  Visits to those countries should only be made in "extreme" circumstances such as a family illness, he said. If people ignore that advice they could face fines of up to £10,000.”

I watched PMQs and Boris did not say you get a £10k fine if you visit an amber list country; he said you would get one if you do not do your ten day quarantine when you return!

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Last 33  weeks DAILY 7 DAY AVE all UK    Covid 19 reported deaths( taken from the daily figures i quote)

W/E October 4th     total 52

W/E October 11th   total 68

W/E October 18th    total 117

W/E October 25th total  179

W/E November  1st  total 260

W/E November 8th total  332

W/E November 15th    total   413

W/E November 22nd    total  442

W/E November 29th     total  460

W/E December 6th       total 429

W/E December 13th      total  420 

W/E December 20th      total  462

W/E December 27th        total  474

W/E January 3rd          total  604

W/E January 10th     total  909

W/E January 17th      total  1119

W/E January 24th      total  1240

W/E January  31st        total 1174

W/E February 7th      total  901

W/E February 14th      total   672

W/E February 21st      total  488

W/E February 28th       total  324

W/E March 7th        total  211

W/E March 14th           total  145

W/E March 21st    total  91

W/E March 28th         total  62

W/E April 4th       total   35 **

W/E April 11th     total 36 **     ** i think we can safely say that the figures are coming down every week- because of Easter reporting being delayed i would expect W/E 4th April to be more like 39 and W/E 11th April 32

W/E April 18th    total   26

W/E April 25th    total  23

W/E May 2nd       total  16

W/E May 9th      total   10

W/E May 16th    total   11

This week(Mon/Wed)     total  5

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17 minutes ago, Blupanther said:

Europe's EMA reports 123,000 suspected serious cases of vaccine effects from AstraZeneca alone! Over 7000 suspected vaccine deaths (Pfizer, Jannsen, Moderna, AstraZenca).



I don’t even have to guess the response from the usual crew, but this has already been dealt with. The EMA wouldn’t allow things to continue, seeing as they are far stricter than the UK body, plus each individual country could put a stop to vaccinations if a problem cropped up. Still carry on the scare tactics bed wetters, but we ain’t buying it


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6 hours ago, Blupanther said:

You got an official link? Just that this guy Hal Turner seems quite a dodgy person, hoaxer, extreme right winger and convicted criminal..... and apart from that the Connecticut site seems to be offering Moderna, which would be strange if their findings were true

But given your track record is quite similar to Hal’s I imagine you can’t come up with an official link


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9 hours ago, The Cheese said:

The Indian variant is going to be used as the reason why restrictions can't be lifted on June 21st, yet...


No it's not. If the science is not good at that time that will be the reason. 

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