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Polish Extraleague Play-off semi`s 2nd legs Sunday September 27th live on Premier Sport

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26 minutes ago, PolskiZuzel said:

It is...if you are "dirty minded" :-)

Fair point. 

Pretty childish though.


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Update on the rule changes for next season- Google translated

One of the many final effects of the team's work is the introduction of a very important regulation change - a player up to 24 years of age, who from the 2021 season will have to be in the match line-up of each team in the PGE Ekstraliga, eWinner of the 1st Speedway League and the 2nd Speedway League.

At the same time, from the 2021 season, PGE Ekstraliga will be able to use the so-called a guest only in the event of a positive result for the presence of coronavirus in a player from the team's national team. Otherwise, the visitor will only be applicable to first- and second-tier clubs and it will be allowed to be a junior up to 21 years old from both higher leagues.

From the season of 2021, in each match of PGE Ekstraliga, eWinner of the 1st Speedway League and the 2nd Speedway League, each team will have to include a player up to 24 years of age in the match line-up. A competitor in the U24 category may be a foreigner or a Polish speedway rider. If he is a Pole, he will not be counted to fill the limit of Polish players in the squad (there will still be four of them - two Polish players with the numbers 6/7 and 14/15 and two with the numbers 1-5 / 9-13). The provision on the possibility of displaying a reserve rider with the number 8/16 in the U23 category (Pole or foreigner) will remain unchanged.

In the regulations, the functioning of players in the U24 category will be subject to the normal rules as in the case of players entered in the squad with numbers 1-5 / 9-13. - And to those who are wondering what will happen in the event of an injury, we answer: in this position you can also appoint a junior to the team, and additionally the position of a U23 reserve player is maintained, so in fact there will be at least four young Polish and foreign players in the team. The question arises whether the clubs in the 2nd Speedway League should also have an eighth player, but I leave this topic for the meeting with the clubs - ends Piotr Szymański.

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Sunday`s line-ups

Fogo Unia Leszno:
9. Emil Sajfutdinow
10. Janusz Kołodziej
11. Bartosz Smektała
12. Jaimon Lidsey
13. Piotr Pawlicki
14. Szymon Szlauderbach
15. Dominik Kubera


RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra:  -- Jan Kvech might get a chance at no 8
1. Antonio Lindbaeck
2. Martin Vaculik
3. Michael Jepsen Jensen
4. Piotr Protasiewicz
5. Patryk Dudek
6. Norbert Krakowiak
7. Mateusz Tonder


Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów:
9. Szymon Woźniak
10. Bartosz Zmarzlik
11. Niels Kristian Iversen
12. Anders Thomsen
13. Krzysztof Kasprzak
14. Wiktor Jasiński
15. Rafał Karczmarz


Betard Sparta Wrocław:
1. Maciej Janowski
2. Bartosz Curzytek
3. Przemysław Liszka
4. Max Fricke
5. Tai Woffinden
6. Gleb Czugunow
7. Michał Curzytek






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