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1991 Sunbrite Div 2 reserve league Midland section

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I'm now trying to update 1991 Sunbrite Div 2 reserve league - Midland section. Apart from Stoke junior Potters, Milton Keynes junior squires and Peterborough junior Hobbits. Does anyone have any information please on other teams which took part. Dates and scores would be an added bonus 

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The yearbook should have the dates and scores in - sorry but my copy is packed up and I can't get to it to look for you

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The 1991 Sunbrite Division 2 Reserves League (Central) was won by Sheffield (36 points).  Other teams in the league were Milton Keynes (25), Peterborough (18), Nottingham (16) and Stoke (05).  Teams rode against each other home and away twice with a bonus point being awarded for aggregate victory.  Two bonus points available against each opposition.

Long Eaton changed their name to Nottingham during the season, but were still referred to as Long Eaton for a number of the fixtures.

The Peterborough results were:


26/04 v Long Eaton lost 13-17

03/05 v Milton Keynes lost 13-16

24/05 v Sheffield lost 08-21

31/05 v Stoke won 15-14

05/07 v Sheffield lost 14-16

09/08 v Milton Keynes won 20-10

06/09 v Long Eaton won 19-11

13/09 v Stoke won 25-05


10/04 at Long Eaton lost 05-25

21/05 at Milton Keynes lost 08-22

10/07 at Long Eaton won 19-11

27/08 at Milton Keynes lost 09-15

05/09 at Sheffield lost 07-23

03/10 at Sheffield lost 10-20

05/10 at Stoke won 16-14

05/10 at Stoke won 16-14

Note two matches at Stoke on 05/10.  These were two matches with same result but with different scorers.

Speedway Star gave the heat details in their 1991 coverage.  Let me know if you need any further information.

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