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Mildenhall v Canterbury (NL) 6.5.81 v Stoke (NL) 10.5.81

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Hi there.

As per of my research into the 1981 season, does anybody have a marked programme from these meetings ?


I am trying to confirm which heats Canterbury's Graham Knowler and Rob Dolman rode in. It looks like Knowler replaced Dolman in heat 5, 8 or 11.

According to the Speedway Yearbook, both Knowler and Dolman rode 3 times - Speedway Star advises Dolman rode 4 times while Knowler just 2 times.

Can anybody confirm which heat from a completed programme from the meeting ? 


I am looking to clarify Rob Henry's and Mick Bates's placings in heats 3 and 5.

There is an error in the heat details published in the Speedway Star,  Henry is placed first in both heats but appears that Mick Bates was actually placed first in one of these heats.

Can anybody confirm which heat please ?

Thanks for reading




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Canterbury meeting knowler replaced dolman in heat 11

Stoke meeting Bates won heat 5 with Henry 2nd also Bates was excluded in heat 9 not bales as reported in the star

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