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Issue 106 - Ivan & Ole, Coventry v Oxford, Silver Plume, Ron Wilson, Colin Richardson, etc

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Issue 106 of BACKTRACK 

is out now, so if you need to renew your subscription or take out a new one, please do so at https://www.retro-speedway.com

Here’s a small taste of the feast of nostalgia inside . . .


Between them, iconic legends Ivan and Ole won nine of the 12 individual World Championships staged between 1968 and 1979, as well as leading their respective nations and British League teams to the highest honours. It was the Great Dane who finally ended the mighty Kiwi’s historic bid for four consecutive World Final victories in Gothenburg 50 years ago. JOHN DAVIDSON, a big fan of Ivan’s, and TONY McDONALD discuss the merits of two inextricably linked track giants.

ON THE BOSSES – Ron Wilson

There was a time when a number of the country's leading promoters successfully had track interests in both the top tier of speedway and the second. Former Leicester, Teesside and Milton Keynes boss Ron Wilson provides one such example. A quiet, thoughtful man who made a significant contribution, as MARTIN ROGERS recounts.

TRACK RIVALRIES: Coventry v Oxford

With fresh insights from Cheetahs co-promoter John Payne, ROB PEASLEY reviews 16 top flight clashes between two giants who shared five consecutive British League championships in the late 80s.

BIG NIGHTS: Silver Plume

Reviewing British speedway's most prestigious individual meetings, PHIL CHARD looks back at eight stagings of Swindon’s once coveted Silver Plume classic. Previous winners: Ray Wilson, Bengt Jansson, Martin Ashby, Peter Collins (three times), Jim McMillan and Michael Lee.

COLIN RICHARDSON – exclusive interview

Welcome to Colin Richardson’s sometimes weird and whacky world of sponsorship, as told to TONY McDONALD. The former Eastbourne and Wimbledon star talks condoms, cod and crankcases.

SEND IT SIDEWAYS – Darcy Ward DVD advertorial

To coincide with the launch of the eagerly-awaited new four-hour Darcy Ward DVD, co-producers Martin Rogers and Mike Bennett explain the background story to the superbly executed Send it Sideway: The Life and Times of Darcy Ward production that pays handsome tribute to the former King’s Lynn, Poole, Swindon and Australian favourite whose career was tragically cut short.

Where did it START To go wrong?

British speedway is in the grip of yet another crisis. In recent weeks cash-strapped Eastbourne pulled the plug in mid-season, while Newcastle have possibly staged their last-ever meeting and the Birmingham owners have announced they are pulling out at the end of the year.

But in fairness, not all present and multiple woes can be laid at the feet of the 2021 members of British Speedway Promoters Ltd. Let’s be honest, mistakes were made in the 70s and 80s, too, and many have been unaddressed.

So we asked our social media ‘friends’ and followers: ‘Where did it START to go wrong in the past that has led the sport to this point?’


The speedway media has suffered some major losses in recent times. The death of Philip Rising, aged 75, is the latest in a storied list. For 32 years he was managing editor of the sport's flagship weekly Speedway Star, and a member of its staff and various sister publications for almost as long before that. And whatever walk of life you're in, there needs to be a suitable celebration to acknowledge a great contribution. Phil's longtime friend and erstwhile colleague MARTIN ROGERS offers personal thoughts, plus there’s a brief nod to Riso’s predecessor in the Star hotseat, Paul Parish.


DOUG NICOLSON and TONY McDONALD recall much simpler times, when future speedway riders, promoters and others involved in our sport first got the racing buzz. A star-studded list includes Simon Wigg, Scott Nicholls and Dave Perks, plus promoters Ian Thomas, Terry and Ronnie Russell.


Whatever became of them, all the ex-riders who had second-half races, junior matches or interval spins in the 70s at . . . IPSWICH? In this memory-jogger, we list all those budding one-time Foxhall Heath hopefuls, including: Mick and Andy Hines, Mike Lanham,, Ted Howgego, Trevor Jones, Phil Herne, Colin Cook, Kevin Jolly, Nigel Flatman, Kevin Teager, Mel Taylor, Andy Hibbs, Tim Hunt and many more.

Plus: Gote Nordin and heaps more nostalgia . . .



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Another great issue...especially re-living those titanic tussles with the "Bees".

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Loved the Ivan and Ole feature. Two true superstars in the history of our sport.

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10 hours ago, Garry1603 said:

Loved the Ivan and Ole feature. Two true superstars in the history of our sport.

There will never be another Ivan...the greatest rider of all time who raised the profile of the sport.

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Naturally I thoroughly approve of this issue :D and highly reccomend Backtrack anyway, it's a great, informative & enjoyable read....

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