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Remembering West Ham Speedway 50 years on Paradise Park Saturday 21st May

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3 hours ago, E I Addio said:

Sadly It might be the case that George Barclay may no longer be with us or if he is , then he is probably very ill. I used to chat to him and his wife Linda a lot at Lakeside, then he was missing and heard he had dementia. I can’t confirm it first hand, just what I heard . If anyone can update us on him it would be appreciated.

George is/was a lovely man and a genuine Speedway fan . He ran one of the ride and slide  schools at Lakeside which put money into the club but was dumped and badly treated by Jon Cook.




I was talking to Pete Sampson and Bert Harkins about George on Saturday. They hadn't heard from him for over 12 years. However, I think he is still alive. But, as you say, E.I., May be suffering from Alzheimer's.

I also got to know him very well when we were setting up the Speedway Museum back in 2007. I used to go round his house to help plan things out as well as working with him at the museum itself. As you say, he and Linda were a lovely couple. It was all a very sad end to his involvement with the museum.



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