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  2. Terry

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Zenon Plech was always friendly and chatty while signing autographs for me and all the other annoying kids, who used to shout into the Hackney pits! I've still got the NGK cap he gave me...I'd like to think it's the same one he wore on the world final rostrum in 79.
  3. Yesterday was probably the longest match we have had at the NSS. 98% of the time were done for 9pm and I'm home for half 9. The 20 minute delay before heat 15 was not the fault of belle vue though. And what I was on about was the dust and riders being blinded.
  4. Yes I was following 'falcace's ' lead whereby Alan Grahame was listed who also rode twice as a reserve during the 1984 World Final.
  5. A Jim Carrey quote but yes it doesn't look very promising going by what you say.
  6. do you think taking 150 minutes to see just over 15 minutes of racing is OK ?
  7. Agree. Two hours max no matter how hot and dry the weather is. No excuse for running this long.
  8. TotallyHonestJohn

    Derwent Park..update on Town RL forum

    Honestly I know you have put this tongue in cheek as a PT but I seriously doubt it will ever be back... There are to many things stacked against it... I would have loved to run this year just to see what the council would have done with the track as 2 or so meters each straight were supposed to be starting to get ripped up today to facilitate the widening of the pitch... I will call down to DP Saturday to take a look but the whole thing is genuinely tragic... Regards THJ
  9. What happened last Thursday Badge?
  10. So what are you saying there's still a chance.
  11. I even thought of making the non-world finalist world final a little more specific, and narrow it down to riders of a specific year. Good to see some names already mentioned, but leaving out the 70's and 80's, let's look at riders who were active in1969 who never made a World Final (reserve spot included). 1 - Tommy Roper 2 - Dave Younghusband 3 - Garry Middleton 4 - Sandor Levai 5 -George Hunter 6 - Bob Kilby 7 - Odd Fossengen 8 - Roy Trigg 9 - Geoff Mudge 10 - Chris Pusey 11 - Charlie Monk 12 - Jan Holub 13 - Tony Clarke 14 - Norman Hunter 15 - Bruce Cribb 16 - Oyvind S. Berg I would pay to watch that line-up today... Steve
  12. Don't forget King and Hawkins are besties.
  13. Today
  14. Jim McMillan got 2 rides as a reserve in 1972 at wembley
  15. sandking072

    Poultec Challenge, 22nd April

    Thank you very much. Perfect!
  16. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    The potential banana skin is of course that whatever alternative land might be found, it will still have to secure planning permission which in a City the size of Birmingham is always going to be difficult.
  17. If you are self-employed then you don't have an employer other than yourself. You are effectively "contracted" to do a job. i.e. paid to to ride by the promoting company, in the same way you'd pay a plumber to redo your bathroom. Unlike a "work" visa which has far stricter conditions. They can do any job or jobs they want as long as they can prove they can afford to live over here. There is nothing in the qualifying criteria which stipulates that anyone has to know where they are 24/7.
  18. Gunner85

    SON ticket for sale

    If I have this right you used to regularly go to Hyde road on a Saturday night with your Wimbledon mates. I never thought I would say this but The NSS is better than Hyde road. This May be mistaken identity.. but I am fairly confident
  19. Any idea what was wrong with Bellego? Hadn't still got the hump from last Thursday had he?
  20. rocket007

    Plymouth 2019

    can anyone tell me if there is a new Plymouth Gladiators metal Badge for this season. There is nothing on their website.
  21. What it doesn't say is, if they are in this country, their employers must know where they are at any time, which, apparently, is a pain in the rear end. This is what I've been told at any rate.
  22. Well, that wouldn't be too difficult,,, would it ?
  23. I would label josh bates a character and maybe we need a few more like josh to make our sport a little more interesting, love him or hate him you certainly get your moneys worth when he's on track.
  24. Ah ok.just presumed he’d of signed a contract to scunny before he did a meeting ..
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