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  2. Castagna was hugging the white line, hardly ever moved of it.
  3. Do any of you older fans remember Seery's statistics in the Speedway Star? I remember one of his articles mentioning a Crayford home match, 13 heat formula. Reserve Mick Steel scored a 15 point maximum by heat 8 !!!!!
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  5. George Dodds

    Berwick v Somerset, Saturday 20 July 7pm

    pretty sure B&G doesn't have BT Sports - The Angel, Blenheim, White Horse, Red Lion and Leaping Salmon all have BT and show live football ... as for speedway, you could always ask.
  6. I think the slickness of the track helped him, (it did exactly the opposite for Nathan Greaves, spinning up in the corners). He started out, riding the inside, but as the meeting progressed he moved out. He gave a good account of himself on the night. Have to say, Greavsey was not happy with the slickness of the track.
  7. orion

    Swindon 2019

    The crowds are Poor ...I know this have been spoken about but what is scary is the age of the crowd when you looked about . it's amazing how many of the crowd are oap's so you do wonder how bad it will get in the next few years with the lack of young people watching the sport
  8. sidewinder

    Redcar v Birmingham

    To be fair, Smoggy is the star of the show. She is so talented and the kids love her. The BSPA should recruit her, to entertain, during the intervals at the big events.
  9. Not sure about Charles Wright, but on current form, Richard Lawson would have been my choice
  10. Col

    Redcar v Birmingham

    When & why did Etheridge morph into Ostergaard? Woolley was reasonable at Perry Barr on Wednesday, certainly didn't look out of place.
  11. Does anybody know if the B&G will be showing SoN tomorrow or any of the pubs?
  12. Who are you recording with ?
  13. Very good ,but it doesn’t help if you are 60 mls away
  14. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Edinburgh 2019

    Take it Lawson didn’t go upstairs then?
  15. Yearbyred

    Redcar v Birmingham

    I enjoyed the meeting too - some excellent races and the patched up Brummies team gave a good show (helps having a couple of ex Bears riding as guests). Paco was very entertaining to watch. Bears look a very solid team now and we have yet to have Riss ride at home. Biggest cheer of the night reserved for Woolley getting his point. Loved seeing the kids having a great time with Smoggy (who always does an excellent job)
  16. Every weather forecaster has its positives and negatives, probably none better than looking out the window and forecasting yourself.
  17. Very decent meeting tonight Both teams played a part even though the score flattered Birmingham a bit. Redcar were always in control. The Bears will be a real threat at play off time. With an excellent heat leader trio, two firing second strings and a points scoring reserve they will be a handful for anyone. Having been both furious and appalled at the actions of no less than three promotions over the last week or so (and those three won't get any money off me for a while) I was most impressed tonight. For a start, in the programme Jitendra Duffil directly addressed fans concerns (are you watching Plymouth) over entry fees last week, and agreed to fund reductions where necessary. He then went to express his gratitude for the support that he had been given after the previous weeks meeting. The programme also had an interesting article about set ups, which we here a lot about but which to some are a complete mystery. Then we had the brilliant sight of youngsters on the centre green dancing with Smoggy the mascot, some of whom were from the radiation affected arears of the Ukraine and Belarus, who had all been equipped with the requisite Redcar flags. Finally, there was Roy Clarke speaking to a young lady who had just got engaged and the playing of Cliff Richard's 'Congratulations'. All in all, 10 out of 10 for the promotion and to pay them a huge compliment, in terms of family atmosphere you were right up there with Isle of Wight. PS Pleasure to meet Sidewinder tonight but slightly perturbed that he knew who I was. One promotion will definitely have me in their gunsights
  18. Yearbyred

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    No thread for the meeting tonight but you missed a good Brummies performance albeit with a couple of the guests scoring well. Paco was excellent value and very pleased with his wins and Agertoft had one good ride and showed flashes of being a decent prospect.
  19. Quite enjoyed that meeting. Track was a bit slick due to the expected rain that never came but still a fairly decent night. Felt the Bears were fairly comfortable throughout the night, but Birmingham still put up a decent fight. Good solid effort for the Bears, and Stewart and Andersen thoroughly deserved heat 15. Sgood to see Woolley in the mix, brought the house down with his point! Birmingham battled hard, and thought Castagna in particular was excellent value. From what I had read on here, expected a white line hugger but he was anything but tonight - very entertaining!
  20. jaykay2PT

    speedway bikes in ledbury auction

    Talking of links,,,, https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/32fda5ac838d135d549c55c33155d63f/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/ring-1speedway-and-grass-track-motorcycles-spares-literat/ hope this helps
  21. Halifaxtiger

    Berwick v Somerset, Saturday 20 July 7pm

    Tonight at Redcar they all got it wrong. Every single one predicted rain and there was none.
  22. penchev

    berwick bandits 2019

    Aye ya Dee
  23. I use AccuWeather which I find very good.
  24. You failed to read previous post then every track have those races
  25. Tellitasitis

    berwick bandits 2019

    Oh I think you do
  26. bjcol

    berwick bandits 2019

    don't no wot ur on about
  27. Some SON spreadsheet and pdf content here https://app.box.com/s/fzngmofjdpxqb3ycqmkihyjmezg8mepe
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