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  2. What I said regarding the likelihood of the Comets taking to the track again next year John, is a combination of your interesting posts on here, and other reports. I am not saying it WOULDNT be happening, but its highly unlikely ! Also, I can assure you that the "Sportsmans Dinner", "Special Celebration", "Anniversary Event", call it what you will....is something that our management are DEFINETLY still planning ! My sources of information may even be closer than yours..lol. Sorry that you didnt get to know first about this one mate !
  3. Islander15


  4. Islander15


    Quick predictions thread! 1. Who can you see being the 4 play-off teams? 2. Who will be league winners? 3. Who will end the season with the highest average? 4. Who will increase their average the most? 5. Will the NL Fours & NL Pairs run?
  5. With 3 of the hottest young prospects in Bickley, Flint & Palin all in the same team it’s going to be an exciting season at the NSS. I can see many more teams getting hit for 60+.
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  7. NickH114

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Wouldn't surprise me if Cook ends up at Poole, with whoever he replaces Holder or Kurtz coming to Peterborough.
  8. 10 mins late with queues arriving late due to traffic is hardly a tardy start, what are Promoters to do, start with fans clearly waiting to get in, mind you not many know what a queue is. Anyone driving down 25 / 23 today will know how grid-locked it was.
  9. Drove long way..., we got stuffed, a bit of dust and you moan??? Biggest crowd I have seen at Eastie I think, I sat in Grandstand, fans were really buzzing. Got talking to a chap next to me, first time he'd been in 3 years he told me and he was loving it. I was delayed on M40 and M25, got there 10 to 3 big queue, chap came out in a yellow top and apologised for queue and said they were delaying start by 10 mins, parade started at 10 past 3, first race at 3.15, hardly massive hold up. Some strange referreing didn't help. Thought the announcer was super, isn't he Speedway GP guy?? Heat 13 - despite the cone incident was worth admission alone? Alright saying run at night, who would go top speedway if they have been on beach or in the sun supping all day. Some folk don't deserve a speedway team with moaning attitude like that.....
  10. If we win the afternoon meeting then we’re through to the final. Though this will make the evening meeting a dead rubber it will give the lads more track time especially on a tight circuit. I’d run as per programme with no changes and give the lesser lights a run out in heat 15 if possible. Depends on the heat 14 vote I suppose. Just hope the crashes at Monmore aren’t too serious on Monday night.
  11. Palm Toft rode for the aces in 2014
  12. Heathen1984

    Stoke 2019

    Why mention Coles, he ain't exactly old is he?
  13. Bellers101

    Redcar v Leicester

    Agree. Perks went down on his own. Very surprised it was all four back. c
  14. Leicester may give Sheffield a tough time of it tomorrow however things will be much different when they come to our beautiful sun drenched wonderland 24 hrs later. Leicester key man = Josh Bates Sheffield key man = Zaine Kennedy
  15. Elmo

    Redcar v Leicester

    Great crowd some excellent racing and 4 points for the lions happy days. I agree Perks was lucky to get back in heat one too.
  16. Thomas rode for Workington. MPT has never ridden for any of the four clubs apart, as previously suggested, as a guest.
  17. I agree it is no the most helpful way to publicise a meeting, however he did announce that the match is a 4 team tourney with teams from Glasgow, Belle Vue, Workington and Edinburgh and he listed the captains as Max Fricke, Sam Masters Ricky Wells and I assume he is riding and will be a captain. He added Steve Worrall, Dan Bewley , Justin Sedgmen and Richard Lawson. Tonight he's added Josh Pickering, Paul Starke, Palm Toft and Jorgensen that makes 12 riders with 4 to go. Not a bad line up so far although Jorgensen is a surprise as he hasn't ridden for any of the 4 teams before whilst the rest have. Anyway if you are a Tigers comets, aces or monarchs fan id think you would want to support a rider that has entertained you over the years
  18. Paul Stake, Michael Palm Toft and Tom Jorgensen were also announced tonight. Think that leaves 5 places to guess about.
  19. Gringo

    Redcar v Leicester

    A fantastic speedway meeting. Some very close racing for (I thought) a massive crowd.Plenty of friendly Lions fans who were rewarded when their riders came out to celebrate with them after the racing had finished.
  20. 1100 spaces still, if you're there before 7 you will be ok. With the trio of Doyley, Muesli and Batch running riot at Poole today can only see easy Swindon win...53-37.
  21. Buster would not accept logos as Troy has them. What could Craig have done by way of compromise?
  22. Mark

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Gnienzo v Rybnik 14..04.19 dusty track but some exciting racing
  23. There wasn’t even a hosepipe on turns three and four, until just before the nominated heats. Was there a reason the bowser didn’t reappear? I couldn’t see a thing from heat nine onwards, although I suppose under the circumstances that may have been for the best. I agree with you regarding the team, Holder will sort himself out, and Worrall seems to be doing pretty well for Leicester. The others are performing pretty much as expected. Also, Swindon’s top three were exceptional, so it’s a bit silly to be reading too much into one meeting.
  24. Yes, quite a p****r for wolves fans to be honest.
  25. Danny Phillips has got to go waste of time don't care if his father has a say in the team need to get a reserve that shows some b##ls
  26. Not a bad meeting good weather and close score until Edin pulled away in second half. Starting to hope Pickering misses the gate every race so exciting to watch. Newcastle carrying too many passengers with Lambert, Phillips and Bjerre (after his 1st ride was poor). Worrall also going missing at the end. All the monarchs had their moments but need to start a meeting stronger. Finally glad season is underway hopefully same weather every week .
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