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  2. jenga

    Scunthorpe 2019

    looks like he has turned his deaf aid on at last .
  3. Did he spend the PILE he made when crowds were much more substantial? Whatever he did with it, he clearly did not re-invest much of it in Poole Speedway especially the track. "Love the sport" is the cry of all the current promoters - I don't think so! Short termist, grab the cash ( when there is some ) and run. They cannot be losing hand over fist as some claim, no-one would do that for more than a season. You would sell up for 30 bob ( £1.50 for the younger members ) just to get rid of the debt liability. Do you really expect us to believe that they truly feel that the UK sport can be turned around and have few spaces on the terraces. Not going to happen under the "forward thinking - more of the same please" BSPA.
  4. couple of big scores from riders lower down and there in the hunt as well
  5. phillwhitewasmad

    Young lions

    Glasgow today for the 3rd round of the BYC starts at 3pm 30 plus races
  6. Lodz v Tarnow https://ustreamix.su/stream.php?id=polsat-sport-extra&token=c67-eec-4ed-809-ac1-bc0-f3e-cab-f46-9da-0e Grudziadz v Torun http://www.maniak.tv/kanal-7 and http://www.drhtv.com.pl/drhtv-2.html
  7. Well done Max showing your true colours at GP level. One good race in the first 20 heats and then good racing in the semis and final reflects on a poor meeting overall. Title is now wide open.
  8. Today
  9. Islander15

    Mildenhall 2019

    I didn’t read much tbh but I know he’s trying to make it a 12 heat final rather than the previous 8 heats. And (by NL standards at least) that it’s actually going ahead as planned!
  10. Embarrassing? The only mistake I can recollect was not penalising Janowski for moving at the tapes that gave him a win.
  11. I can see what authorities are trying to do in creating some interest pre the actual racing, but it’s not really working so far. in F1 though, a lot is put on being fastest qualifier - it puts you on pole position but F1 is much different to speedway. What F1 needs is to definitely to go to “draw out of a hat” to to determine grid position. Now that would create potential race action, seeing top cars/drivers toward the back of the grid randomly - but it will never happen, the prancing horse HAS to be near the front.
  12. teaboy279

    Kent King vs Plymouth Gladiators.

    Not only dry, but warm also.
  13. thanks ballinger , that would explain why there's no sign of it. don't understand the reason as every other one has been filmed .
  14. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Let's hope ( which I'm sure they are ) the promotion working on putting a decent meeting on ,,
  15. Yesterday
  16. If he had put the bike down Doyle would have run over him and maybe the rider in fourth too. Very tough riding, ruthless, but that GP racing.
  17. Bald Bloke

    Swindon 2019

    Agree. You get 3 or4 good races in most meetings. Sadly you could have your next meeting at £10 and get a few in, next week a bit less and the 3rd week the same. There's much more that the younger generation would rather be doing. It's the sign of the times. I don't think it can be fixed as a pro sport in the UK
  18. It was a GP, and you expect tough racing. Leaving very little room, but not barging a rider into the fence.
  19. Gemini

    Swindon 2019

    Boring GP? I thought all that was needed was 'star' riders to make exciting racing and the crowds come flocking back?
  20. stevebrum

    Swindon 2019

    Standard Prague racing tho. Never look forward to watching racing from there. At least it improved the last 3rd.
  21. Agree completely. Waste of time and money. There are so many flaws in the sysetm. In the GP it depends who drops the clutch first in most cases.
  22. Why dreadful? Apologies if I missed these embarrassing decisions but Prague boreathon is a ‘fast forward’ luxury. Only contentious incident, as I recall, was if Fricke had gone down Madsen would probably have been excluded.
  23. Whole thing is a waste of time , Lindback fastest yesterday but one of worst riders in meeting. 'Fastest' riders picking riding position with 2 gate 1's and then gate one turns out to be the worst.
  24. AFCB Wildcat

    GP Travel

    Prague this year was my first GP other than Cardiff and yes you're right Steve, it's a great opportunity. Cheap flight from my local airport and 3 days in a beautiful city with lovely weather as a bonus after weeks of cold and rain at home! :-)
  25. lucifer sam

    Scunthorpe 2019

    ROB GODFREY SAYS “THANK YOU” HEB Scunthorpe Scorpions’ owner Rob Godfrey wishes to thank all the fans and riders who continue to support the club. During a recent lull in home fixtures, the club took the opportunity to re-tarmac the stadium. Godfrey says: “I think it’s the right time to say a big thank you to everyone who supports us and brings money into our stadium. “That includes the home fans, the away fans, our sponsors, all the staff and volunteers, plus those riders who support both our practices and amateur meetings, which are a vital income stream for the club. “All the speedway income goes into the same pot, and we re-invest everything back into the stadium. “I’m very proud of the stadium that we’ve built up from nothing, and I hope our fans are too. I think it’s something that town of Scunthorpe can take genuine pride in. We’ve built up that stadium and we also plan to maintain it and keep it looking smart.” Scorpions are next at home when they entertain local rivals Sheffield Tigers at the Eddie Wright Raceway next Friday (June 21st).
  26. The most embarrassing aspect of the evening from a British perspective, once again, was Craig Ackroyd's performance. Absolutely dreadful.
  27. They can't afford to. They are up with the dearest for a family( top prices for u16's). Best supported in the league, and still loosing money so Ford said.
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