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  2. thecoombdog

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    The way Bewley figured out bends 3 and 4 on the old track makes me think he could score big tonight!
  3. Nike Tn for me have about 16 different pairs. Going to wear a different pair to every Ipswich home meeting. 8 down and 8 to go. Will have to buy more if we make the playoffs.
  4. dabbsjoe

    Wolves 2019

    if parking a car at the stadium i'd make sure it's on the stadium car park and nothing else. it's a bit ropey on the streets round there. hotels would be in the city centre itself where you could get the metro or the bus and then walk to the stadium.
  5. you are always not guaranteed 1000 people tho !! there the loss appears !!
  6. geoff58

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    its a chance yes but swindon still tough team to beat i will be happy with a point lidsey never rode there berge can do anything from brill to poor ? same for wells ? also dan is still suspect on away tracks ? i expect max/bjerre/steve to score well all are riding well atm !! looking forward to a great match !!
  7. just looking at some pics of Coatbridge and i wondered do these tracks generally produce good racing. I know Berwick gets criticised occasionally and I've never been to Ashfield. I personally never saw much overtaking at the Shay, although it was spectacular. What do people think
  8. Definitely a hoodie, possibly carry a pacamac in case of rain
  9. BlackPanther

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    Best wishes to Tobi. Belle Vue should be looking at 3 league points tonight.
  10. Going for a shock Wolves win here.
  11. George Dodds

    Berwick v Edinburgh Saturday 15 June, 7pm

    Saturday certainly wasn't called off early but, as Topsoil says, some are using that as a reason not to come back again. Saturday was, by Berwick standards, a glorious day until 5pm when rain clouds gathered. Even then it was generally squally showers until just before start time. If anyone is at a loose end then have a look at an excellent site called Speedway Researcher and under Special Features they have a statistical breakdown of rain-offs covering 1946-2010. Of 56,640 British meetings raced in that period 7.2% were rained off. The breakdown also backs up what B&P suggests in that there is a markedly higher percentage of rain-offs in "modern" times".
  12. Najjer

    Play off contenders

    I know the weather has been unfortunate at times but it's crazy we are heading towards the end of June and some teams have only raced twice, Redcar haven't had a league meeting at all and others have had 7 fixtures!
  13. According to Sportowe Fakty site he cost Bjerre 4000 Zlotys (approx £840) and he has been reprimanded for it! Either way it's poor sportsmanship and shows him as a bad looser, he was beaten fair and square... why be spiteful and cost another rider money...especially a rider like Bjerre who must be one of the sports gentler guys?
  14. Second meeting at EWR for the Scorpions and the Tigers. Can the patched up Scorps win for the second time this season against the not quite firing Tigers? A lot will depend on who guests for Scunny or who is fit to return. Obviously, I hope for a Tigers win.
  15. Some people on here struggle with maths.
  16. Today
  17. Lovely and comfortable,,, and looking cool,,,,,, just google black leather air max 90.
  18. Are the 90's ok on the feet for few hours while at the speedway Baldy Oh yeah, i'm a hoody type of bloke as well. I where F&F. Wash well if the meetings messy. Mind you there not in the Hollister class. Black is best imho.
  19. Mmmmm,,, interesting,,,, I like to watck speedway in a nice t shirt,, and either a superdry or Hollister zipped hoodie,, which one depends on the temperature
  20. I only thought they made canvas. I'll look into it Baldy
  21. After the meeting can we discuss the important issue of which jacket is best for watching speedway in. I realise that jackets are at a higher level than socks and shoes so the OP maybe confused but we won't let that worry us!
  22. I've never had that problem with the k swiss,,,, and if I did have a lose insole on other makes,, I crank out a few drops of super glue,,, works a treat
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